Mila 18 Character Descriptions

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Chris De Monti

This character is disowned by a parent for refusing to become a part of the family business. Instead, this character becomes a journalist, and helps hide volumes of journals that can later be recovered and preserve the history of the plight of the Warsaw Jews.

Alex Brandel

A Polish Jew and former university professor of history, this character is a Zionist and leader of the Bathyrans.

Gabriela Rak

This character's family moves to Chicage after her father dies, but she hates America and decides to move back to Poland and work as a teacher in the American Embassy.

Deborah Bronski

This character is a strong-willed and traditional orthodox Jew, who has a long-term extra-marital affair, but refuses to escape with her lover when the opportunity is there.

Paul Bronski

This secular Jew is a doctor and Dean of the Medical school of the University of...

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