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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mrs. Morgan look like?
(a) Five and a half feet tall with a small waist.
(b) Five feet tall and built like a wrestler.
(c) A little over six feet tall and built like a weight-lifter.
(d) Five feet eight inches tall and with lots of muscles.

2. What does Mrs. Morgan call Mrs. Bhakcu?
(a) Chubby little woman.
(b) Dumb little woman.
(c) Thin- foot woman.
(d) Lazy woman.

3. What does Titus Hoyt teach himself?
(a) Greek.
(b) Mathematics.
(c) Latin.
(d) French.

4. When Morgan's house burns down , what fire is it compared to?
(a) When the jail burned down in 1932.
(b) When the post office burned down in 1928.
(c) When the town hall burned down in 1930.
(d) When the Treasury burned down in 1933.

5. What finally makes the people of Miguel Street laugh at Morgan?
(a) His wife holding him up by the waist.
(b) Bhakcu beating him up.
(c) A joke he tells.
(d) His children making fun of him.

6. What does the author do for the first time when he arrives in Port of Spain?
(a) Takes a city bus.
(b) Hears a calypso song.
(c) Becomes afraid.
(d) Attends a public school.

7. How does the author describe the people of Miguel Street when they contemplate where Morgan went after the fire?
(a) As fools.
(b) As judgmental people.
(c) As gossips.
(d) As romancers.

8. Why does the author start crying soon after arriving in Port of Spain?
(a) He gets lost.
(b) He doesn't like Miguel Street.
(c) He is hungry.
(d) He can't make friends.

9. What does Titus Hoyt ask the author to do?
(a) Write to the Editor of the Trinidad Guardian.
(b) Write to the Mayor of Port of Spain.
(c) Learn Latin.
(d) Write a poem.

10. What is the heading on the paper Chris, Morgan's fourth son, shows the author?
(a) How to Raise Children.
(b) How to be a Pyrotechnicist.
(c) Pride and Prejudice.
(d) Crime and Punishment.

11. From where does the author's mother fetch him?
(a) From Arima.
(b) From Chaguanas.
(c) From Tobago.
(d) From Venezuela.

12. What does Boyee compare Laura's face to?
(a) A pancake.
(b) A pumpkin.
(c) A motor-car battery.
(d) A pig's face.

13. What happens to Big Foot when he and the author go to the sea-wall at Dockside?
(a) He and the author finally become good friends.
(b) He goes swimming.
(c) He tells the author about his childhood.
(d) He cuts his foot badly.

14. What person in the crowd at the big fight does the author watch?
(a) A man cheering Big Foot on.
(b) A man eating a banana.
(c) A woman eating peanuts.
(d) A woman with her hands over her eyes.

15. What does Morgan look like?
(a) He is large with a round face.
(b) He is small with very small hands and thin wrists.
(c) He is chubby with fat hands.
(d) He is medium-sized.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the woman who is seen hurrying from Morgan's house one night?

2. What does Titus Hoyt think will make him an educated man?

3. What does Hat say that he learned from his mother?

4. How fast did Big Foot run the hundred yards at school according to the people of Trinidad?

5. After Big Foot leaves Miguel Street what is the last thing the author hears about him?

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