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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-11, The Coward, The Pyrotechnicist, Titus Hoyt, I.A., The Maternal Instinct, The Blue Cart.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the author meet Titus Hoyt?
(a) Four months after the war started.
(b) When he was a little boy.
(c) A year after the war started.
(d) A year or two before the war after his father died.

2. How does George treat his children?
(a) He beats them savagely, too.
(b) He dotes on them.
(c) He expects them to be great successes.
(d) He is ver protective of them.

3. What finally makes the people of Miguel Street laugh at Morgan?
(a) Bhakcu beating him up.
(b) His wife holding him up by the waist.
(c) His children making fun of him.
(d) A joke he tells.

4. What happens to Big Foot when he and the author go to the sea-wall at Dockside?
(a) He cuts his foot badly.
(b) He and the author finally become good friends.
(c) He tells the author about his childhood.
(d) He goes swimming.

5. How does B. Wordsworth speak?
(a) With a heavy Trinidadian accent.
(b) With an American accent.
(c) With broken English.
(d) With perfect English.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Morgan look like?

2. What are the names of George's two children?

3. After Elias tries repeatedly to pass the exam and can't, what does he first become?

4. Why is everyone on Miguel Street so afraid of Big Foot?

5. What happens to Bogart in South America?

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