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Miguel Street

This is the street in west Port of Spain where the book is set.

Port of Spain, Trinidad, Tobago

These are the geographical locations of all the major events in the book.

The Author's House

This is the place where the author and his mother live and where he spends a lot of his time.

Titus Hoyt's School

This is a school where the author qualifies for scholarships to go to England to study.

The Cambridge Exam

This was a qualifying exam for a number of good jobs and educational opportunities. The author passed with distinction while Elias did not.

The Thing without a Name

This is a habitually unfinished project of Mr. Popo's.

The Greatest Poem Ever Written

A poem that B. Wordsworth aspired to write but never did is referred to as The Greatest Poem Ever Written.

Uncle Bhakcu's Lorry

Uncle Bhakcu acquires a...

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