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Draw a map of Trinidad Tobago . Include any places mentioned ie Port-of-Spain where Miguel Street is located and Carrera the prison island. Show its distance from South America.

Traditional Trinidadian costume or Carnival costume.

Make a traditional Trinidadian costume or if you're more ambitious, make a Carnival costume after researching it on the internet.


Draw a caricature of one of the characters in the book. V. S. Naipaul describes them as caricatures so this may make it easier.


Write a limerick about one of the characters in the book.

Imaginary Visit of one of the novel's charaxters to a Psychiatrist or Therapist.

Create an imaginary visit of one of the characters or the author of Miguel Street with a psychiatrist or therapist. Have the counselor advise the author or character how he or she should approach his or her life problems or family situation.


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