Miguel Street Character Descriptions

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The Author

This is a man who remains anonymous in the book but interacts with the characters. His name is V.S. Naipaul .


This character makes an appearance in almost every episode. He is happy-g0-lucky and works odd jobs to make ends meet.


This is Hat's brother, a painter, who struggles to become American but to no avail.


This is a stupid and boring man who earns the respect of the street for his occasional dangerous adventures.

Mr. Popo

This is a failed carpenter constantly making the thing without a name.


This is a strange member of Miguel Street who eventually declares himself a prophet.

Mr. Morgan

This man is a comedian and fireworks craftsman who fails in both of his endeavors save when he is humiliated by his wife.

Uncle Bhakcu

This is the author's uncle , an excellent mechanic. Nonetheless, he cannot...

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