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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _______ are unable to express pain, so Sacks says they are not useful in terms of studying migraines and how they affect the body.
(a) Babies.
(b) Comatose.
(c) Animals.
(d) Already sick patients.

2. Sacks uses the analogy of ________ to try to explain what he means by the way that migraines are never typical.
(a) Hiding.
(b) Walking.
(c) Swimming.
(d) Eating.

3. That migraines might have a role in one's life is the _________, rather than the rule, according to Sacks.
(a) Basis.
(b) Theory.
(c) Exception.
(d) Attribution.

4. Another uncommon drug therapy for migraines which has been prescribed by Sacks is _____________.
(a) Downers.
(b) Psychotropics.
(c) Amphetamines.
(d) Weight loss drugs.

5. Instead of a fight or flight reactions, one can also take a ________ position within a situation.
(a) Submissive.
(b) Boring.
(c) Neutral.
(d) Aggressive.

6. The later interviews with a patient should delve more deeply into the _________ of the patient so as to discern the best possible treatment.
(a) Spouse.
(b) Children.
(c) Mood.
(d) Life.

7. Migraines might also have some specific _________ in one's life, according to Sacks, filling a role the patient needs it to fill.
(a) Movement.
(b) Purpose.
(c) Energy.
(d) Peace.

8. But _________ does not believe that using medication should be the only treatment or a long term answer to migraines.
(a) Siegel.
(b) Gilbert.
(c) Sacks.
(d) Reymond.

9. A person who is self destructive might desire self __________ so that he can continue to hurt himself.
(a) Control.
(b) Isolation.
(c) Punishment.
(d) Abandonment.

10. Throughout time, there have been theories about the contractions of _________ and how this might relate to migraines.
(a) Arms.
(b) Arteries.
(c) Muscles.
(d) Legs.

11. Other patients will see __________ of people or places as a part of hallucinations during a migraine attack.
(a) Markers.
(b) Representations.
(c) Clear visions.
(d) Words.

12. The fact that visual ___________ are so common makes their presence fascinating to researchers.
(a) Symptoms.
(b) Hallucinations.
(c) Sounds.
(d) Pains.

13. Studies fail to prove indications of a relationship between __________ causes and migraines, so Sacks does not believe this to be a valid cause.
(a) Swallowing.
(b) Strength training.
(c) Movement.
(d) Electrical correlation.

14. The simplest of __________ can be created in the clinical setting, according to Sacks' findings and research.
(a) Medications.
(b) Migraines.
(c) Hallucinations.
(d) Pain.

15. A _________ migraine may be nothing more than a reaction to the rage that a patient is feeling, which can lead to pain.
(a) Classic.
(b) Expressive.
(c) Rage.
(d) True.

Short Answer Questions

1. Some patients can respond to _________ as many migraines are sensitive to suggestion during the episode.

2. Sacks says that the best migraine clinic was one in which a patient was told to lie down in a darkened room with _______ and aspirin.

3. Sacks wants to point out that there are few _________ that have any value in helping with a migraine case.

4. The reaction to a migraine does not need to be uniquely _________, according to the way Sacks feels about the subject.

5. As a result of older theories, the practice of __________ became quite popular to help those who were suffering from migraines.

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