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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A person who is self destructive might desire self __________ so that he can continue to hurt himself.
(a) Abandonment.
(b) Punishment.
(c) Isolation.
(d) Control.

2. Some patients will simply seek out a _________ when they don't like the advice that they hear.
(a) New medication.
(b) New home.
(c) New set of symptoms.
(d) New physician.

3. Migraines may very well take on the particular aspects of the ________ though it may never be clear what prompts the unit as a whole.
(a) Sufferer.
(b) Life.
(c) Pain.
(d) Home.

4. Physicians, according to Sacks, often make ______ decisions based on impertinent, improper, and irresponsible interpretations.
(a) Tactile.
(b) Correct.
(c) Hasty.
(d) Believable.

5. Instead of a fight or flight reactions, one can also take a ________ position within a situation.
(a) Boring.
(b) Neutral.
(c) Submissive.
(d) Aggressive.

6. An important part of migraine treatment, according to Sacks, is to give the body the _______ it needs in order to make it through the event.
(a) Understanding.
(b) Rest.
(c) Darkness.
(d) Food.

7. Sacks says that there are some patients who will not allow him to treat them in any other way, he will only treat patients in 'the only way they ________.'
(a) Understand.
(b) Manage.
(c) Try.
(d) Allow.

8. Sacks says that people with fewer than ________ events per year is in need of less extensive interviews than others.
(a) Three.
(b) Five.
(c) Two.
(d) Ten.

9. Another category of drugs is aimed at the ___________ of the migraine, according to Sacks.
(a) Support.
(b) Definition.
(c) Symptoms.
(d) Movement.

10. The medical _________ in this section of the book might be overwhelming to some readers.
(a) Access.
(b) Terminology.
(c) Researchers.
(d) Data.

11. The _________ migraine is one that comes to light when a patient is highly emotional and tends toward intense rage.
(a) Movement.
(b) Aggressive.
(c) Activity.
(d) Outward.

12. But _________ does not believe that using medication should be the only treatment or a long term answer to migraines.
(a) Sacks.
(b) Gilbert.
(c) Siegel.
(d) Reymond.

13. One of the medical deterrents to treating a migraine addresses the ________ of the malady.
(a) Likelihood.
(b) Mechanisms.
(c) Genetics.
(d) Descriptions.

14. ________ turned inward on oneself, might also create a situation for a migraine to occur.
(a) Hostility.
(b) Anxiety.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Happiness.

15. The fact that visual ___________ are so common makes their presence fascinating to researchers.
(a) Symptoms.
(b) Pains.
(c) Sounds.
(d) Hallucinations.

Short Answer Questions

1. Sacks does point out that there can be _____________ when using different drug treatments for migraines.

2. There are a number of problems that are created by the myriad of _________ that a migraine might cause, according to Sacks.

3. The fight or flight response is still present in _________, even if it seems to be less overt in the daily behaviors.

4. Some researchers believe that a migraine is akin to a ________, with being a release reaction to a specific situation.

5. One researcher describes the presence of __________ work patterns during some migraine events.

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