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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters Fourteen through Sixteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sacks says that _________ may prompt a migraine or might be a part of the unit of the overall event.
(a) Constipation.
(b) Diarrhea.
(c) Starvation.
(d) Naps.

2. Sacks notes that those who suffer from _________ migraines experience the onset of an attack at fairly regular periods though the times vary from one patient to another.
(a) Atypical.
(b) Boring.
(c) Classical.
(d) Dull.

3. Sacks does not believe there is a connection with _________ being a part of the chemical reaction that takes place during a headache.
(a) Digestion.
(b) Movements.
(c) Histamines.
(d) Pollution.

4. There might also be a connection, according to Sacks, between migraines and _________, as some will wake up with headaches.
(a) Pets.
(b) Sleeping in bed alone.
(c) Sleep.
(d) Alcohol.

5. Sacks proposes that a person who seems to be _______ may also be trying to be self destructive to their body and minds.
(a) Accident prone.
(b) Avoidant.
(c) In pain a lot.
(d) Terrified.

Short Answer Questions

1. The man who always _______ to end his migraine attacks had to find a new way of relieving his pain.

2. Sometimes leaps in ______ analysis are not able to give researchers clear and definitive answers.

3. Other researchers think there might be a certain __________ or grace to those who suffer from migraines, according to their work.

4. Some researchers believe that a migraine is akin to a ________, with being a release reaction to a specific situation.

5. How many areas of aural symptoms does Sacks point out to be the case for most patients?

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