Migraine Character Descriptions

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Oliver Sacks

Author of the book and described as one of the great clinical writers of the 1900s, this person is a doctor who oversees many patients suffering from one or many symptoms of migraines.

The Typical Migraine Patient

While Sacks says this no one of these, there are some commonalities seen in the typical migraine sufferer.

Du Bois Reymond

This is a German physician who is quoted in the book as having described symptoms of a migraine in his diary in 1860.

Case 20

This is a woman who, at fifty-three, has a long history of migraines.

Case 63

This is a man who is middle-aged and who is described as being completely austere, but who experiences a sense of excitement and happiness prior to the onset of other symptoms.

Case 76

This is a nun who is described in Chapter 9. She is a sufferer of migraines and initially indicates that...

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