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Chapters One and Two

• Sacks quotes the symptoms of what a migraine feels like to the sufferer.

• Typical migraine symptoms include headache, nausea, one sided pain, and increased pain with movement.

• Du Bois indicated there are different kinds of migraines.

• Other symptoms are also possible for migraine sufferers.

• Various patient experiences for migraine sufferers are described.

• Migraine equivalents are described as well.

Chapters Three through Five

• Migraine sufferers often have auras prior to their headaches.

• Many visual sensory hallucinations are possible.

• Sacks describes the differences between epilepsy and migraine issues.

• There are several versions of migraines.

• The symptoms of migraine can be called disorders of arousal.

Chapters Six through Nine

• Some people are predisposed to having migraines.

• There is a tendency to romanticize migraine sufferers, according to Sacks.

• Sacks presents a number of different possible triggers for migraine symptoms.

• There seems to be a connection between migraines and...

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