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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1, Scene 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lysander think he deserves Hermia as his bride?
(a) He is smart.
(b) He is wealthy.
(c) He has wooed her well.
(d) He is from noble blood.

2. Where do the actors in the mini-play decide to have their second rehearsal?
(a) On the street.
(b) At Quince's house.
(c) In the woods.
(d) On the castle stage.

3. What is Theseus's future bride's name?
(a) Hippolyta.
(b) Hermia.
(c) Tatiana.
(d) Helena.

4. What does the actor who thinks he should have Flute's part do to prove he would be better at it?
(a) Does a pantomime of a wall.
(b) Gives a speech in the voice of a woman.
(c) Displays his gift of memorization.
(d) Roars with all his might.

5. Why does Flute say he is unable to play the part he is assigned in the mini-play?
(a) The part is too long and he cannot read.
(b) He is not tall enough to be a good wall.
(c) The part is a woman and he has a beard.
(d) He will lose his voice trying to roar loud enough.

Short Answer Questions

1. What role in the mini-play is Flute assigned?

2. Where does Lysander ask Hermia to meet him if she chooses to marry him at the beginning of A Midsummer Night's Dream?

3. Who says they would be better at the part Flute has been assigned in the mini-play?

4. What work of Shakespeare does the mini-play mirror?

5. How long does Theseus give Hermia to make her decision about whom to marry?

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