A Midsummer Night's Dream Character Descriptions

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Attendants - These characters appear in several scenes during the play, but have no speaking parts.

Bottom - This character takes the lead in the play within the play, and later has the head of an an ass as a prank by another character.

Cobweb - This character is a fairy who is ordered to fetch honey for another character.

Demetrius - A nymph puts love juice on this character's eyes helping him see whom his true love should be.

Duke of Athens (Theseus, Duke of Athens) - This character is a leading official in the country this play is set in.

Egeus - This character threatens to send his daughter to a nunnery if she does not marry the man he has chosen for her.

Fairies - These characters are unnamed magical servants to the magical authority figures in the play.

Flute - This character is...

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