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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fabrizio see when he gets lost in the castle?
(a) A green light that becomes a human figure.
(b) The Princess being murdered.
(c) The Count being murdered.
(d) One of the guards stealing a jewel.

2. What does Mangus say about everything?
(a) He has no reply.
(b) He wants to tell the King immediately.
(c) He thinks Fabrizio has made it all up.
(d) He offers a few theories.

3. What does the King believe will not interfere with Mangus' investigation?
(a) The King's confessor.
(b) The bishop.
(c) The council of nobles.
(d) Not believing in ghosts.

4. What does Count Scarazoni say about Prince Lorenzo?
(a) He is safe and sound in Rome.
(b) He would be sad to see Teresina acting in such a manner.
(c) He just arrived back from Rome that morning.
(d) The Prince will be back in the morning.

5. Where does the soldier take Mangus and Fabrizio?
(a) To interview the Princess.
(b) To talk to Count Scarazoni.
(c) To eat in the dining hall with the King and Queen.
(d) To the royal library.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Count wants whom to avoid seeing Mangus?

2. Who is Teresina?

3. Who is Fabrizio?

4. Where is the royal family's private chapel?

5. What happens when Fabrizio finally arrives at the kitchen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Before whom are Mangus and Fabrizio brought? Why?

2. What happens to Rinaldo as he and Fabrizio are walking through the corridors? Where does Rinaldo take them?

3. Why does Mangus chastise Fabrizio? Where does he send Fabrizio?

4. What does Mangus do after speaking to Teresina?

5. Who is Teresina set to marry in two days? Why is she marrying so soon?

6. What does Rinaldo explain to Fabrizio? Who comes into the chapel as the two are talking? What happens next?

7. What happens when Mangus and Fabrizio are escorted to their chambers?

8. How does Mangus feel about the King's request?

9. What is the setting of Midnight Magic?

10. Who is Fabrizio? What is he doing when Chapter 1 opens?

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