Objects & Places from Midnight Magic

Avi (author)
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Letter from Coun Scarazoni

A guard gives Fabrizio this for Mangus.

Tarot Cards

Fabrizio is consulting these when he is interrupted by a soldier from the castle.

Bloody Clothing

This is used to convince the King of the fate of his son.


This is used to create the lighting for projecting the ghost image.


This is given to the servant Rinaldo by the Queen.

Magic Trunks

Fabrizio retrieves several of these items from this place when he and Mangus use the ghost to force Count Scarazoni to confess.

Secret Passageways

The castle is filled with these.


The location where the ghost appears.


This is above the niche where the statue is missing.

Teresina's Bedchamber

Where Fabrizio meets Teresina several times.


Fabrizio meets Rinaldo here.

Dungeon Cell

Fabrizio is sent here after being arrested.

Kingdom of Pergamontio

The novel is set in this location...

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