Midnight Magic Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Avi (author)
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Chapters 1-4

• The novel is set in 1491 in the fictional Kingdom of Pergamontio, which appears to be somewhere in Italy based on the speech of the characters.

• Fabrizio , servant to Mangus the Magician, is reading tarot cards, hoping to learn Mangus' future, when there is a knock at the door.

• A soldier gives a letter of summons from the Count for Mangus to come to the castle the next day.

• Count Scarazoni had Mangus tried for using magic months before.
• Fabrizio is concerned that Mangus is finally to be put to death for his crime and asks to come along, to which Mangus says yes.

• Fabrizio and Mangus ride to the castle in a carriage with Count Scarazoni.

• Mangus is told to keep his head covered so the people will not know Mangus has been summoned to the castle.

• At the castle when Mangus removes his hood, several...

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