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John Berendt
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Minerva live?
(a) A trailer on the edge of Savannah
(b) A farmhouse outside of Augusta
(c) A little house in Beaufort, SC
(d) A shack on Tybee Island

2. Mrs. Williams asks a party guest about Williams' _____________________.
(a) Sexual activities
(b) Antiques business
(c) Christmas party
(d) Tailored clothes

3. Who does Williams invite to Mercer House?
(a) Judge Oliver
(b) Luther Driggers
(c) Sonny Seiler
(d) The narrator

4. What does Judge Oliver do in court every day?
(a) Drinks coffee with bourbon in it
(b) Falls asleep
(c) Listens to his radio
(d) Removes jurors

5. What does Williams avoid admitting to himself?
(a) That he is still in jail
(b) That his mother is terminally ill
(c) That he may have killed Danny
(d) That his antiques business is failing

Short Answer Questions

1. Williams is angered about police and public treatment of ______________________.

2. Jim Williams uses his money to get his way while Joe Odom uses his _______________.

3. What is the outcome of Williams' second trial?

4. What does Williams tell the truth about the night Danny Hansford died?

5. What does Williams plan for the first time in eight years?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Savannah described in Chapter 30?

2. What prompts Joe Odom to issue a veiled threat to the narrator about the narrator's presence in Savannah?

3. What is the result of the trial?

4. Why does Joe get in trouble for giving tours of the Hamilton-Turner House where he is residing?

5. What are the implications of homosexuality in Jim's trial?

6. What is Jim's situation at the end of Chapter 25?

7. What is Joe's opinion about Jim's prospects?

8. What is the Garden of Good and Evil?

9. How does Bobby Cook get Jim a new trial?

10. Why is Sonny Seiler confident that Jim's second trial will be speedy with a positive outcome?

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