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John Berendt
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Final Test - Medium

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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Williams do from jail?
(a) Organizes his appeal
(b) Starts a rehab clinic
(c) Talks to reporters
(d) Runs his antique business

2. Who is the judge at Jim's trial?
(a) Judge Johnson
(b) Judge Seiler
(c) Judge Oliver
(d) Judge Hall

3. What are Williams, his mother and sister doing as they wait for the jury's verdict?
(a) Eating lunch
(b) Pacing the floor
(c) Planning a party
(d) Praying

4. Where does Minerva live?
(a) A little house in Beaufort, SC
(b) A trailer on the edge of Savannah
(c) A shack on Tybee Island
(d) A farmhouse outside of Augusta

5. What allows Savannahians to flourish?
(a) Their culture
(b) Their location
(c) Their openness
(d) Their seclusion

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Williams' continuing demeanor about his case?

2. What is the outcome of Williams' second trial?

3. What does the answer to #142 do to embarrass the narrator?

4. Where is Williams' fourth trial held?

5. To what does the nurse testify?

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