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John Berendt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Jim Williams' attorney?
(a) Sonny Seiler
(b) Johnson P. Jones
(c) John Wright Jones
(d) Clayton Seiler

2. Where does Chablis work?
(a) A strip joint
(b) Emma's bar
(c) A gay bar called the Pickup
(d) The lounge at the Holiday Inn

3. Chapter 13 provides a prelude to __________________________.
(a) The Savannah Justice System
(b) The Savannah shrimping season
(c) The Savannah holiday season
(d) The Savannah social season

4. Who gives the narrator a tour of Savannah after he first arrives?
(a) Mary Harty
(b) Jim Williams
(c) Minerva
(d) Lady Chablis

5. What do Mary Harty and the narrator drink at the cemetery?
(a) Coca-Cola
(b) Martinis
(c) Mint Juleps
(d) Sweet tea

6. What is Lawton's track record in trying criminal cases?
(a) Notable
(b) Unimpressive
(c) None
(d) Spectacular

7. In addition to owning the business, Joe will also ______________________________.
(a) Tend bar
(b) Do the books
(c) Serve family style dinners
(d) Be a featured performer in a jazz trio

8. Where does Luther try out his latest invention?
(a) The Savannah River
(b) A fountain in Monterey Square
(c) The Purple Tree bar
(d) His bathtub

9. What is Joe's most powerful attribute?
(a) Heritage
(b) Musical abilities
(c) Charm
(d) Money

10. Who is the Savannah coroner?
(a) Dr. MacKenzie
(b) Dr. Metts
(c) Sonny Seiler
(d) Johnson P. Jones

11. Who is Emma Kelly?
(a) A piano player and singer
(b) A teacher
(c) A stripper
(d) A realtor

12. Who lives in the house next door?
(a) Lady Chablis
(b) Jim Williams
(c) Sonny Seiler
(d) Joe Odom

13. Who tells the story?
(a) The narrator
(b) The rabbi
(c) The mayor
(d) The governor

14. What is the news that is shocking all of Savannah?
(a) A hurricane is headed to Savannah
(b) Lee Adler has been shot by a black tenant
(c) Jim Williams is charged with killing Danny Hansford
(d) Luther has poisoned Savannah's water supply

15. How was Danny Hansfor murdered?
(a) Strangled
(b) Shot in the head and chest
(c) Stabbed in the back
(d) Poisoned

Short Answer Questions

1. Who works in Jim Williams' antique shop?

2. What business does Emma Kelly own with Joe Odom?

3. What does Corinne call Danny?

4. What does Joe do for money?

5. How does Joe earn a little bit of money?

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