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John Berendt
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of vehicle does the narrator buy?
(a) A Ford Truck
(c) A '57 Chevy
(d) A VW Beetle

2. What is the news that is shocking all of Savannah?
(a) A hurricane is headed to Savannah
(b) Jim Williams is charged with killing Danny Hansford
(c) Lee Adler has been shot by a black tenant
(d) Luther has poisoned Savannah's water supply

3. Where is the story set?
(a) Atlanta, Georgia
(b) Charleston, South Carolina
(c) Augusta, Georgia
(d) Savannah, Georgia

4. In addition to owning the business, Joe will also ______________________________.
(a) Tend bar
(b) Do the books
(c) Be a featured performer in a jazz trio
(d) Serve family style dinners

5. What business does Emma Kelly own with Joe Odom?
(a) A real estate office
(b) A bar called Emma's
(c) A catering business
(d) A video store

6. Where does the narrator meet Luther Driggers?
(a) Sweet Georgia Brown's
(b) Barnes & Noble
(c) Clary's Drugstore
(d) Joe Odom's house

7. What does Danny ask Corinne to do?
(a) Move in with him
(b) Buy him some whiskey
(c) Marry him
(d) Loan him money

8. Joe tells the narrator that ____________________________ are taboo in Savannah.
(a) Tatoos
(b) Underage marriages
(c) Interracial relationships
(d) Gay marriages

9. What is Lee Adler's passion regarding Savannah?
(a) Historic preservation
(b) More tourism
(c) New industry
(d) Cleaner water

10. What is the narrator's profession?
(a) Attorney
(b) Travel Agent
(c) Magazine writer and editor
(d) Land developer

11. What does the narrator notice constantly coming from the house next to his apartment?
(a) The sound of piano music
(b) The smell of bacon frying
(c) The smell of coffee
(d) The sound of a man and woman fighting

12. Who is the most famous musician associated with Savannah?
(a) Buddy Holly
(b) Frank Sinatra
(c) Miles Davis
(d) Johnny Mercer

13. With what town do Savannah residents compare Savannah?
(a) Augusta
(b) Charleston
(c) Atlanta
(d) Hilton Head

14. Why do most people at the party think Jim will be declared innocent?
(a) His witnesses to Danny's previous behavior
(b) His claim that the shooting was an accident
(c) His standing in society and his good lawyer
(d) His claim of self-defense

15. What is the financial health of Emma's bar?
(a) It is suffering despite large crowds
(b) It is thriving because of weekend business
(c) It is holding its own and Emma and Joe are hopeful
(d) It is so bad that the bar will be closing next week

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Chablis do to appear more feminine?

2. Which tenant does Lee take the narrator to see?

3. How was Danny Hansfor murdered?

4. Who is the District Attorney?

5. Who works in Jim Williams' antique shop?

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