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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following changes in Callie is not typical for a girl to go through during puberty?
(a) Growing public hair.
(b) Growing armpit hair.
(c) Lowering of the voice.
(d) Breast development.

2. Why does the Object say she is happy that Callie's family is going on vacation to Turkey?
(a) She is concerned about Callie's romantic advances towards her.
(b) She feels like her relationship with Callie is becoming too weird.
(c) She does not want her brother, Jerome to seduce Callie.
(d) She wants to have a chance to spend more time with Rex.

3. What is Dr. Luce's specialty?
(a) Endocrinology.
(b) Sexual disfunction.
(c) Reproductive medicine.
(d) Hermaphroditism.

4. What concerns Dr. Luce most about Callie's disappearance?
(a) Dr. Luce wants to begin treatment of Callie immediately.
(b) Dr. Luce believes that Callie is in a fragile psychological state after discovering the nature of her condition.
(c) Dr. Luce believes Callie has false information about her condition and would like to set her straight.
(d) Dr. Luce believes Callie was abducted.

5. Why do the homeless men beat Cal?
(a) They discover that Cal is a hermaphrodite.
(b) Cal refuses to give them drugs.
(c) They attempt to rape Cal and he tries to resist.
(d) Cal refuses to give them money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What leads Milton to believe that the man calling him has kidnapped Callie?

2. What does Milton wear to his and Tessie's appointment with Dr. Luce for good luck?

3. What does Callie notice about herself when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time after having her hair cut?

4. What does Chapter Eleven announce he plans on majoring in after his freshman year of college?

5. How does Jerome react to Callie's abnormal genitals?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Zora Khyber.

2. Why does Callie name her love interest "the Obscure Object"?

3. Why does Cal decide not to go to Milton's funeral?

4. What information does Callie get about her condition when she meets with Dr. Luce?

5. What is the connection between the mulberry tree outside of Middlesex and the silk industry?

6. Why does Callie have sex with Jerome?

7. Describe the circumstances that lead Milton to cancel the Stephanides family's trip to Turkey.

8. Describe the series of medical examinations that leads to Callie being referred to Dr. Luce.

9. How does Milton react to his impending death after running his car off of the bridge?

10. How does Milton attempt to down play Callie's condition when telling her about the course of treatment?

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