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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Desdemona hope that Tessie will marry?
(a) Dr. Philobosian.
(b) Mike Antoniou.
(c) Gus Vasilakis.
(d) Milton Stephanides.

2. Why are realtors reluctant to sell Milton a home in Grosse Pointe?
(a) Because of his Greek background.
(b) Because of his loud voice.
(c) Because of the way he dresses.
(d) Because they do not believe he can afford the mortgage.

3. What happens to the Zebra Room in this chapter?
(a) Lefty sells the Zebra Room to a new owner.
(b) Lefty is forced to close the business because of Desdemona's disapproval.
(c) Lefty relocates and expands the business.
(d) Lefty is forced to close the business because it is no longer profitable.

4. What does Chapter Eleven do after the church service that shocks and frightens Tessie?
(a) He spills hot coffee on a little girl.
(b) He shouts obscenities in the church.
(c) He brings a dead bird into to show Father Mike.
(d) He climbs up on a chair in the reception room.

5. Why does Jimmy Zismo need to smuggle alcohol into the U.S. from Canada?
(a) He doesn't want to have to pay high tariff fees by bringing the liquor over the border.
(b) It is the Prohibition. Distilling and selling liquor is illegal in the U.S.
(c) It is the Prohibition and alcohol was extremely expensive in the U.S.
(d) The liquor that he imports is not available in the U.S.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is significant about Callie's and Clementine's soak in the Middlesex hot tub?

2. Which of the following statements best describes Uncle Pete?

3. What shocks Desdemona and Lefty about Sourmelina's husband, Jimmy Zismo?

4. What does Desdemona do following Lefty's death?

5. What is the fate of the Silk Room at Temple No. 1 when Elijah Muhammed takes over as leader after Fard's arrest.?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Tessie and Milton want a baby daughter so badly?

2. Describe Desdemona's appearance.

3. Why does Desdemona become concerned about her unborn child after talking with Dr. Philobosian?

4. Why do the Ford Sociological Department workers visit Lefty's home? What do they find that concerns them?

5. Describe the village of Bithynios.

6. Why do Desdemona and Lefty pretend that they do not know each other while aboard the Giulia?

7. What is the conflict between Desdemona and Lefty in the chapter "Marriage on Ice"?

8. Describe Desdemona's silkworm box and its contents.

9. Describe Marcus Wyxzewixard Challouehliczilczese Grimes.

10. Describe Sourmelina's appearance when Lefty and Desdemona first arrive in Detroit. What is the significance of the way she looks?

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