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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say his purpose for telling this story?
(a) To convince the reader to accept him.
(b) To explain why he is the way he is.
(c) To share his family history.
(d) To record the history of his genetic anomaly.

2. Why does Desdemona visit Dr. Philobosian in this chapter?
(a) To determine whether or not she is pregnant
(b) Because she has contracted an illness from the silk workers
(c) To have a physical examination
(d) To ask him to sterilize her so she will not be able to have more children.

3. What happens to Milton as he is about to go into war that Desdemona believes is an answer to her prayers?
(a) He receives word that Tessie has broken off her engagement to Mike.
(b) He receives word that he has been accepted to the US Naval Academy and is immediately transported off of the ship.
(c) He is injured by a fellow seaman and spends the rest of the war safely in a US hospital.
(d) He is discharged from the Navy and is able to return to Detroit to work in the Zebra Room.

4. What concerns Milton about Lefty's business practices at the Zebra Room?
(a) Milton is concerned about Lefty's dealings with bootleggers.
(b) Milton believes it is immoral for Lefty to sell alcohol in the Zebra Room.
(c) Milton worries that the Zebra Room will be broken into because it is in a bad neighborhood.
(d) Milton does not understand why Lefty is paying for three insurance policies on the building.

5. Why does Milton decide to enlist in the Navy?
(a) He is fiercely patriotic and wants to fight to protect America.
(b) He wants to escape taking over the Zebra Room as a career.
(c) He wants to prove to Tessie that he is a strong, brave man.
(d) He is heartbroken when Tessie becomes engaged to Mike Antoniou.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dr. Philobosian have that he believes will protect him from the Turks?

2. What reason does Lefty give Desdemona for his trip into town?

3. Which of the following is NOT a criterion in the real estate "Point System"?

4. What artistic medium does Julie Kikuchi work with?

5. What does the narrator say makes him/her "the most famous hermaphrodite in history"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Sourmelina's appearance when Lefty and Desdemona first arrive in Detroit. What is the significance of the way she looks?

2. What is the conflict between Desdemona and Lefty in the chapter "Marriage on Ice"?

3. How does the narrator characterize Lefty's gradual demise?

4. Why does the vigilante who throws a Molotov Cocktail into the Zebra Room yell "Opa!" as he sets the diner on fire?

5. What is particular significance of Lefty and Desdemona (brother and sister) marrying for Cal/Calliope, the narrator?

6. Describe Calliope's baptism.

7. How do Dr. Philobosian's and Uncle Pete's views on conception differ?

8. How does Desdemona react to the speeches that she hears through the heating grates while working in the Silk Room?

9. Describe Desdemona's silkworm box and its contents.

10. Why do Desdemona and Lefty pretend that they do not know each other while aboard the Giulia?

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