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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is unusual about Desdemona's presence on Hastings Street?
(a) Desdemona is dressed in traditional Greek clothing while everyone on Hastings Street is dressed in modern clothing.
(b) Hastings Street is primarily a white neighborhood and Desdemona is black.
(c) Hastings Street is a long distance from her home on Hurlbut.
(d) Hastings Street is primarily a black neighborhood and Desdemona is white.

2. What is the source of Dr. Philobosian's sadness?
(a) He had to leave his family behind in Turkey.
(b) His family was killed by the Turks.
(c) He has no where to go when he reaches America.
(d) The other passengers are cruel to Dr. Philobosian because he is Armenian.

3. Why does Desdemona visit Dr. Philobosian in this chapter?
(a) To ask him to sterilize her so she will not be able to have more children.
(b) Because she has contracted an illness from the silk workers
(c) To determine whether or not she is pregnant
(d) To have a physical examination

4. What happens to Milton as he is about to go into war that Desdemona believes is an answer to her prayers?
(a) He receives word that he has been accepted to the US Naval Academy and is immediately transported off of the ship.
(b) He receives word that Tessie has broken off her engagement to Mike.
(c) He is discharged from the Navy and is able to return to Detroit to work in the Zebra Room.
(d) He is injured by a fellow seaman and spends the rest of the war safely in a US hospital.

5. What happens to Jimmy on Lefty's and his last trip out to the lake?
(a) He and Lefty fight and Jimmy is hurt.
(b) The Packard breaks through the ice and sinks below the surface with Jimmy inside.
(c) He is caught by the police for bootlegging.
(d) Jimmy crashes the Packard into a telephone pole.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tessie and her family wait out the riots?

2. What artistic medium does Julie Kikuchi work with?

3. Why does Jimmy Fioretos call to wake Milton early one morning?

4. What mistake does Dr. Philobosian make when the narrator is born?

5. What shocks Desdemona and Lefty about Sourmelina's husband, Jimmy Zismo?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Fard Muhammad's beliefs about the evolution of race.

2. Describe Desdemona's appearance.

3. Why do Tessie and Milton want a baby daughter so badly?

4. Describe the events that allow Desdemona and Lefty to depart from Smyrna.

5. How does Desdemona react to the speeches that she hears through the heating grates while working in the Silk Room?

6. What does Milton do to convince the realtor to sell him Middlesex?

7. Why does Lefty not marry either of the village girls that Desdemona attempts to set him up with?

8. Why do the Ford Sociological Department workers visit Lefty's home? What do they find that concerns them?

9. Describe the narrator in Book 2, Ex Ovo Omina.

10. Why is Desdemona fearful about Tessie and Milton's burgeoning romantic relationship?

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