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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Milton seduce Tessie?
(a) By joining the Navy.
(b) By playing her favorite songs on her clarinet.
(c) By complimenting her baking skills.
(d) By playing his clarinet against her skin.

2. What commentary on beauty does Julie Kikuchi make in this chapter?
(a) Beauty is always freakish.
(b) Beauty is only skin deep.
(c) True beauty comes from inside a person.
(d) Gender has no bearing on beauty.

3. What causes conflict between Jimmy and Lefty?
(a) Lefty suspects Jimmy of cheating on Sourmelina.
(b) Jimmy drives the Packard too quickly over the lake and frightens Lefty.
(c) Jimmy suspects that Lefty is actually the father of Sourmelina's baby.
(d) Jimmy believes that Lefty has stolen money from him.

4. How is Lefty able to get he and Desdemona out of the burning city of Smyrna?
(a) He buys tickets on boat bound for Greece.
(b) He hitchikes from the city into the mountains.
(c) He pretends they are French citizens in order to gain passage on a departing boat.
(d) He asks Dr. Philobosian to allow them to hide in his home.

5. What is the only article of modern technology does the superstitious and traditional Desdemona embraces?
(a) The television.
(b) The record player (hi-fi).
(c) The vacuum cleaner.
(d) The automobile.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do Desdemona and Lefty move to when they arrive in the United States?

2. What does the narrator say his purpose for telling this story?

3. What does Lefty teach Desdemona to help her pass the English literacy test required for entry into America?

4. To what religious faith does Stephanides family belong?

5. What helps narrator feel more masculine?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the narrator characterize Lefty's gradual demise?

2. Describe Calliope's baptism.

3. Compare Lefty's original Zebra Room to Milton's version of the Zebra Room.

4. Why do Tessie and Milton want a baby daughter so badly?

5. What is particular significance of Lefty and Desdemona (brother and sister) marrying for Cal/Calliope, the narrator?

6. Why does the vigilante who throws a Molotov Cocktail into the Zebra Room yell "Opa!" as he sets the diner on fire?

7. Describe the narrator in Book 2, Ex Ovo Omina.

8. Why do the Ford Sociological Department workers visit Lefty's home? What do they find that concerns them?

9. What does Desdemona do when she hears that Milton's Navy unit will be going to war?

10. Describe the village of Bithynios.

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