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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What course of treatment does Dr. Luce recommend for Callie?
(a) A series of hormone injections and cosmetic surgery to ensure that Callie will be able to bear children.
(b) Psychotherapy to help Callie adjust to her hermaphroditism.
(c) A series of hormone injections and cosmetic surgery to make Callie look like the boy he identifies himself as
(d) A series of hormone injections and cosmetic surgery to make Callie look like the girl she identifies herself as.

2. Why do Tessie, Milton and Callie travel to New York City?
(a) For a relaxing family vacation.
(b) To visit the Sexual Disorders and Gender Identity Clinic.
(c) For Callie to have abdominal surgery following her tractor injury.
(d) To visit Chapter Eleven at college.

3. Why is the Obscure Object transferred to Mr. da Silva's class?
(a) Her teacher, Ms. Lampe, does not want her in her English class any longer.
(b) She has tested out of the lower level English class.
(c) She wants to read the Illiad.
(d) Her parents requested that she be transferred to a more challenging class.

4. What does the Object tell Callie that she (Callie) sees "no irony in"?
(a) Jerome's movie is sure to be a flop.
(b) The Object has romantic feelings for Callie.
(c) Callie would be the perfect boyfriend.
(d) She and Jerome were never meant to be.

5. What business venture does Milton begin with the remaining money from the insurance settlement on the Zebra Room?
(a) A Cadillac dealership.
(b) A Greek restaurant.
(c) A series of hot dog stands.
(d) A McDonalds franchise.

6. What do the police detectives tell Tessie and Milton is the best thing for them to do to help find Callie?
(a) Call Callie's friends to see if she has gone to see one of them.
(b) Return home to Grosse Pointe to wait for her to call.
(c) Hire a private investigator to find Callie.
(d) Search New York City for Callie.

7. How do Tessie and Milton react to the ER doctor's diagnosis of Callie?
(a) They accept his diagnosis and immediately take Callie to Dr. Luce.
(b) They distrust the doctor.
(c) They are shocked and in disbelief.
(d) They believe the doctor has confused her with another patient.

8. What medical condition does Dr. Philobosian diagnose Desdemona with?
(a) Depression.
(b) Diabetes.
(c) Heart disease.
(d) None. He says she is in good health.

9. How does Callie respond to Jerome's sexual advances?
(a) She is initially inviting, but stops him before having sex.
(b) She ignores, but gives into them because she is watching the Object.
(c) She pushes him away and leaves the lodge.
(d) She reciprocates his affection.

10. What was Dr. Luce's main purpose for recommending the particular treatment that he does for Callie?
(a) Helping Callie cope psychologically with her hermaphroditism.
(b) Ensuring that her physical sexual identity matches her gender identity.
(c) To provide a research subject for a book he would like to write.
(d) To cure her of 5-alpha-reductase deficiency.

11. What is Callie's initial impression of the Obscure Object?
(a) She is awed by her natural beauty especially her freckles.
(b) She hardly notices the new girl in her English class because she is so absorbed in The Illiad.
(c) She is put off by her disinterested attitude.
(d) She falls deeply in love with her.

12. What does Jerome accuse Callie and the Object of being?
(a) Lesbians.
(b) Cruel.
(c) Sisters.
(d) Backstabbers.

13. What is Callie's first step in her physical transformation into a boy?
(a) Purchasing a bus ticket to Scranton.
(b) Getting a short haircut.
(c) Walking like a man.
(d) Purchasing and wearing a used suit.

14. What sort of business does Bob Presto own and run?
(a) An adult store.
(b) A swimming pool.
(c) A pornographic movie making studio.
(d) A strip club.

15. What synonym for "hermaphrodite" does Callie see in the dictionary that upsets her?
(a) Hypospadias.
(b) Monster.
(c) Freak.
(d) Eunuch.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Callie's physical development compare to that of the other girls in her sixth grade class?

2. Why does Sourmelina move back to Detroit in 1972?

3. Why does the Object say she is happy that Callie's family is going on vacation to Turkey?

4. What is Cal's motivation for attending the Warhol exhibit opening in Berlin?

5. How do Callie and the Object react to Jerome's vampire movie shoot in the woods?

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