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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What course of treatment does Dr. Luce recommend for Callie?
(a) A series of hormone injections and cosmetic surgery to ensure that Callie will be able to bear children.
(b) Psychotherapy to help Callie adjust to her hermaphroditism.
(c) A series of hormone injections and cosmetic surgery to make Callie look like the boy he identifies himself as
(d) A series of hormone injections and cosmetic surgery to make Callie look like the girl she identifies herself as.

2. Who creates the Hercules Hot Dogs style of cooking hot dogs?
(a) Chapter Eleven.
(b) Dr. Philobosian.
(c) Callie.
(d) Milton.

3. Why is the Obscure Object transferred to Mr. da Silva's class?
(a) Her parents requested that she be transferred to a more challenging class.
(b) She wants to read the Illiad.
(c) Her teacher, Ms. Lampe, does not want her in her English class any longer.
(d) She has tested out of the lower level English class.

4. What is Callie's initial impression of the Obscure Object?
(a) She falls deeply in love with her.
(b) She hardly notices the new girl in her English class because she is so absorbed in The Illiad.
(c) She is put off by her disinterested attitude.
(d) She is awed by her natural beauty especially her freckles.

5. Why does Milton decide to remove the briefcase of money for the kidnapper from the garbage can?
(a) He knows that Callie has not been kidnapped.
(b) He does not believe the kidnapper will return Callie safely.
(c) He decides to give him half now and half when he returns Callie to ensure her safe return.
(d) He discovers who is the kidnapper is.

6. What is Jerome's hobby?
(a) Making horror movies.
(b) Watching horror movies.
(c) Running.
(d) Swimming.

7. What big step do Julie and Cal take in their relationship?
(a) They break up.
(b) They have sex.
(c) They get married.
(d) They tell their parents that they are dating.

8. Why is Callie given the position of goalie on the field hockey team at her school?
(a) The goalie equipment fits her better than the other girls.
(b) She is uncoordinated so the coach gave her a position where she would not need to move much.
(c) She is the last student to sign up for the team and goalie is the only position left open.
(d) She is agile on her feet and able to block shots made on the goal.

9. What is Cal/Callie's initial impression of Ben Scheer?
(a) S/he is put off by Ben's intellectual style of speech.
(b) S/he is skeptical of Ben's motives in purchasing him/her dinner and a hotel room.
(c) S/he likes that Ben talks to and treats him/her like a sophisticated adult.
(d) S/he likes that Ben is willing to purchase alcohol for him/her.

10. Why does Cal want Chapter Eleven to drive through Detroit on their way home for Milton's funeral?
(a) He wants to shop for an outfit to wear to the funeral.
(b) He wants to stop and visit some of Milton's old friends.
(c) He wants to delay seeing Tessie for the first time since deciding to live as a man.
(d) He wants to revisit the settings of her family's history.

11. Who is Meg Zemka?
(a) Callie's best friend.
(b) Chapter Eleven's ultra-liberal girlfriend.
(c) Callie's first female crush.
(d) An employee at Hercules Hot Dogs.

12. Which of the following does NOT occur at the hunting lodge?
(a) Jerome, Callie, Rex and the Object smoke marajuana.
(b) Callie stops the Object from becoming intimately involved with Rex.
(c) Jerome, Callie, Rex and the Object break into the lodge.
(d) Jerome and Callie have sex.

13. What does Callie notice about herself when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time after having her hair cut?
(a) She now looks like a boy on the outside, but still feels like a girl inside.
(b) Even though she has had her hair cut like a boy, she still looks like a girl.
(c) She will now be able to date women without suffering public ridicule.
(d) She now looks and feels like a boy.

14. Who is the kidnapper?
(a) Milton.
(b) Chapter Eleven
(c) Father Mike.
(d) Dr. Philobosian.

15. What does Jerome accuse Callie and the Object of being?
(a) Cruel.
(b) Sisters.
(c) Lesbians.
(d) Backstabbers.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cal's motivation for attending the Warhol exhibit opening in Berlin?

2. What does Callie do to try to remove the memory of having sex with Jerome?

3. Why is Tessie angry at Milton after his death?

4. Who is Hermaphroditus?

5. What role is Callie assigned in her English class production of Antigone?

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