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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who discovers Callie's unusual genitals in this chapter?
(a) The Object.
(b) Dr. Luce.
(c) The emergency room doctor and nurse.
(d) Jerome.

2. Where do Callie and the Object spend most of their days in the summer?
(a) The Grosse Pointe Club swimming pool.
(b) At Callie's house.
(c) At the Object's family's summer home.
(d) At the Object's house.

3. What does Cal/Callie say the hardest adjustment is that s/he has to make in choosing to live as a man?
(a) Asking women out on dates.
(b) Walking like a man.
(c) Getting used to using men's bathrooms.
(d) Dressing like a man.

4. Who does the Object develop a crush on that upsets Callie?
(a) Milton.
(b) Chapter Eleven.
(c) Rex Reese.
(d) Jerome.

5. Who are the Charm Bracelets?
(a) The popular and wealthy group of girls at Baker-Inglis.
(b) The ethnic girls at Baker-Inglis.
(c) The athletic girls at Baker-Inglis.
(d) The unremarkable, dull group of girls at Baker-Inglis.

6. Why does the Object say she is happy that Callie's family is going on vacation to Turkey?
(a) She does not want her brother, Jerome to seduce Callie.
(b) She is concerned about Callie's romantic advances towards her.
(c) She wants to have a chance to spend more time with Rex.
(d) She feels like her relationship with Callie is becoming too weird.

7. Why does Sourmelina move back to Detroit in 1972?
(a) To be closer to her family.
(b) To escape the heat of the Southwest.
(c) Mrs. Watson wants to be closer to her family.
(d) Because Mrs. Watson leaves her for another woman.

8. What does Milton wear to his and Tessie's appointment with Dr. Luce for good luck?
(a) A Countess Mara tie.
(b) A charcoal pinstripe suit.
(c) A beret.
(d) His Greek Drama cuff links.

9. What does Chapter Eleven believe gives him the ability to finally beat his father at ping-pong?
(a) LSD.
(b) Meg Zemka.
(c) Callie's support.
(d) Practice.

10. Why does Cal want Chapter Eleven to drive through Detroit on their way home for Milton's funeral?
(a) He wants to revisit the settings of her family's history.
(b) He wants to delay seeing Tessie for the first time since deciding to live as a man.
(c) He wants to stop and visit some of Milton's old friends.
(d) He wants to shop for an outfit to wear to the funeral.

11. Which book is the only one that Milton and Tessie complete during their quest to complete the Great Books series?
(a) The Complete Works of Socrates.
(b) Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.
(c) The Republic by Plato.
(d) The Prince by Machiavelli.

12. How does Milton die?
(a) Father Mike shoots Milton while he is following him.
(b) Father Mike rams his car into Milton's crushing him.
(c) His car falls off of a bridge and sinks into the river.
(d) Milton commits suicide because he believes he will never see Callie again.

13. What does Callie do to try to get to know the Obscure Object better?
(a) Callie writes a note to the Object asking her to come over to Middlesex to have dinner.
(b) Callie joins the Drama Club so that she can be in the play with the Object.
(c) Callie agrees to help the girl learn her lines for their class play.
(d) Callie begins smoking because she knows that the Object is also a smoker.

14. Why does Callie hide in the basement bathroom at Baker-Inglis?
(a) She likes to look at the crocuses growing outside the window in the bathroom.
(b) She feels safe and comfortable in this seldom used space.
(c) She wants to catch up on her English class reading.
(d) She wants to read the gossip about the other girls written on the bathroom walls.

15. What do Zora and Cal have in common?
(a) They are both homosexuals.
(b) They were both sexually abused.
(c) They both have XY chromosomes.
(d) They both live as women.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Milton announce he wants the family to travel to?

2. How does Callie's physical development compare to that of the other girls in her sixth grade class?

3. What does the Object tell Callie that she (Callie) sees "no irony in"?

4. Why do all of the Sunday dinner guests except for Father Mike and Zoe stop coming to Middlesex?

5. How does Jerome react to Callie's abnormal genitals?

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