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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the silk Lefty sells in the market not earn much money?
(a) Desdemona does not give him enough cocoons to sell.
(b) He brings the cocoons to market too late in the day.
(c) The silk is of poor quality and can only be used to make organzine.
(d) The merchants are poor and are unable to pay much for the silk.

2. What causes conflict between Jimmy and Lefty?
(a) Lefty suspects Jimmy of cheating on Sourmelina.
(b) Jimmy suspects that Lefty is actually the father of Sourmelina's baby.
(c) Jimmy believes that Lefty has stolen money from him.
(d) Jimmy drives the Packard too quickly over the lake and frightens Lefty.

3. What reason does Lefty give Desdemona for his trip into town?
(a) To court a woman he hopes to marry.
(b) To sell the silk cocoons at market.
(c) To visit a local bar and brothel.
(d) To shop for groceries at the market.

4. Which of the following statements best describes Uncle Pete?
(a) A superstitious old man.
(b) An intellectual chiropractor.
(c) A self-made business man.
(d) A sweet natured priest.

5. Who is Mrs. Watson?
(a) Milton and Tessie's neighbor.
(b) Sourmelina's lover.
(c) A customer at the Zebra Room.
(d) Lefty's mistress.

6. What is the cause of Desdemona's heart palpitations?
(a) Stress over the Greek occupation of Turkey.
(b) Grief over the deaths of her parents.
(c) Unproductive silkworms.
(d) A rare genetic disorder.

7. What happens to the Zebra Room in this chapter?
(a) Lefty is forced to close the business because of Desdemona's disapproval.
(b) Lefty relocates and expands the business.
(c) Lefty is forced to close the business because it is no longer profitable.
(d) Lefty sells the Zebra Room to a new owner.

8. What does Lefty resolve to do after his visit to the brothel?
(a) Attend the local Greek church more often.
(b) Leave Bithynios to immigrate to America.
(c) Tell Desdemona of his feelings for her.
(d) Marry a village girl and start a family.

9. What does Desdemona admire about the women of Temple No.1?
(a) Their ability to create beautiful silk fabric.
(b) Their modesty.
(c) Their religious devotion.
(d) Their work ethic.

10. What is the English translation of "ex ovo omnia"?
(a) Every child begins as an egg.
(b) Everything is an egg.
(c) Everything comes out of an egg.
(d) Everything exits an egg.

11. What does Lefty decide to do to earn money to support his family after Jimmy Zismo's death?
(a) Work at the Ford factory.
(b) Open a bar, the Zebra Room, in his basement.
(c) Take over Jimmy's bootlegging business.
(d) Sell Jimmy's zebra skin rug.

12. What does Mike Antoniou think of Tessie's daily trips to the movie theatre?
(a) He believes that it is frivolous to attend movies while the war is going on.
(b) He thinks that movies are immoral.
(c) He is concerned that movie going will interfere with her volunteer duties.
(d) He is glad that she has found something that she enjoys to fill her time while he is away.

13. Why did Sourmelina's parents send her to America?
(a) They wanted her to find fame and fortune in America.
(b) She was caught in a scandalous affair with a woman.
(c) They could not afford to support an unmarried daughter.
(d) They could not find a man to marry her in Bithynios.

14. Where do Desdemona and Lefty move to in this chapter?
(a) Milton and Tessie's home in Indian Village.
(b) Hurlbut.
(c) Grosse Pointe.
(d) Bithynios.

15. What is the first luxury Milton purchases with the insurance money?
(a) Plane tickets to Turkey.
(b) A new home in Grosse Pointe.
(c) The first Hercules Hot Dog stand.
(d) A Cadillac.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the only article of modern technology does the superstitious and traditional Desdemona embraces?

2. Where does Tessie and her family wait out the riots?

3. Who does Desdemona hope that Tessie will marry?

4. What medical fact does Dr. Philobosian share with Desdemona that makes her worry about her pregnancy?

5. What is unusual about Lefty and Desdemona's relationship?

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