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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do Desdemona and Lefty move to in this chapter?
(a) Milton and Tessie's home in Indian Village.
(b) Grosse Pointe.
(c) Hurlbut.
(d) Bithynios.

2. What is the cause of Desdemona's heart palpitations?
(a) Unproductive silkworms.
(b) Grief over the deaths of her parents.
(c) Stress over the Greek occupation of Turkey.
(d) A rare genetic disorder.

3. How does Callie become a first hand witness to the burning of the diner?
(a) She sees news footage of the diner catching fire on t.v.
(b) She rides her bike to the Zebra Room to help her father.
(c) Milton tells Callie the story of the fire when he arrives home from the diner.
(d) Tessie drives the family to the Zebra Room to help Milton.

4. What does Dr. Philobosian have that he believes will protect him from the Turks?
(a) A successful medical practice.
(b) A letter certifying that he treated the Turkish military leader.
(c) A letter certifying that he treated the Greek military leader.
(d) Money to bribe the Turkish soldiers.

5. Why is Lefty fired from the Ford automobile company?
(a) He does not pass his English language exam.
(b) He refuses to wear traditional Greek dress in the Ford English School pageant.
(c) His work is sloppy and inaccurate.
(d) He is living with a man who has a criminal record (Jimmy Zismo).

6. Who is Mrs. Watson?
(a) A customer at the Zebra Room.
(b) Lefty's mistress.
(c) Milton and Tessie's neighbor.
(d) Sourmelina's lover.

7. Who does Desdemona over hear through the heating vents in the Silk Room of the Temple No. 1?
(a) The Prophet Muhammed.
(b) Sister Wanda.
(c) W.D. Fard.
(d) Betty Smith.

8. How does Desdemona's prediction of the sex of the baby compare to it's actual sex?
(a) Desdemona predicted the baby would be a girl and it is a girl.
(b) Desdemona predicted the baby would be a boy, but it is born a girl.
(c) Desdemona predicted the baby would be a boy and it is a boy.
(d) Desdemona predicted the baby would be a girl, but it is born a boy.

9. What artistic medium does Julie Kikuchi work with?
(a) Sculpture.
(b) Painting.
(c) Photography.
(d) Pottery.

10. Who marries Lefty and Desdemona on the boat?
(a) Captain Kontoulis.
(b) No one, they are not married until they reach America.
(c) A priest traveling on the Giulia.
(d) Dr. Philobosian.

11. What is the English translation of "ex ovo omnia"?
(a) Everything is an egg.
(b) Everything comes out of an egg.
(c) Everything exits an egg.
(d) Every child begins as an egg.

12. In the chapter "Tricknology", what does Lefty do to help supplement his income?
(a) He extends the operating hours of the Zebra Room.
(b) He serves as a driver for his friend Maurice during the day.
(c) He solicits women to pose for pornographic photos taken by his friend Maurice.
(d) He rents a room in the family's home to a customer from the Zebra Room.

13. What does Desdemona fear will happen to Lefty?
(a) He will become a smoker and alcoholic.
(b) He will marry an unattractive Turkish woman.
(c) He will marry a village girl and will leave Desdemona alone to care for the cocoonery.
(d) He will never marry and will die alone.

14. Which of the following is NOT a criterion in the real estate "Point System"?
(a) Marital status.
(b) Religion.
(c) Occupation.
(d) Ethnic origin.

15. Why does Desdemona visit Dr. Philobosian in this chapter?
(a) To determine whether or not she is pregnant
(b) To have a physical examination
(c) Because she has contracted an illness from the silk workers
(d) To ask him to sterilize her so she will not be able to have more children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lefty's actual motivation for going into town?

2. What helps narrator feel more masculine?

3. What happens to Milton as he is about to go into war that Desdemona believes is an answer to her prayers?

4. What religion do the members of Temple No. 1 practice?

5. What is the fate of the Silk Room at Temple No. 1 when Elijah Muhammed takes over as leader after Fard's arrest.?

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