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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Looking Myself Up in Webster's.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following actions is NOT part of Lefty and Desdemona's plan to convince themselves and others that they are young lovers rather than brother and sister?
(a) They have chance meetings on the deck pretending to be getting to know each other for the first time.
(b) They board the ship separately.
(c) They consummate their marriage in the life boat.
(d) They discuss their family tree as if they are learning it for the first time.

2. What does Callie do to try to remove the memory of having sex with Jerome?
(a) She scrubs her body repeatedly during her morning shower.
(b) She decides to pretend like it never happened.
(c) She confesses to the Object hoping that telling her will make her feel better.
(d) She tells Jerome to never come near her again.

3. What happens to Milton as he is about to go into war that Desdemona believes is an answer to her prayers?
(a) He is injured by a fellow seaman and spends the rest of the war safely in a US hospital.
(b) He receives word that he has been accepted to the US Naval Academy and is immediately transported off of the ship.
(c) He receives word that Tessie has broken off her engagement to Mike.
(d) He is discharged from the Navy and is able to return to Detroit to work in the Zebra Room.

4. Why does the silk Lefty sells in the market not earn much money?
(a) He brings the cocoons to market too late in the day.
(b) Desdemona does not give him enough cocoons to sell.
(c) The merchants are poor and are unable to pay much for the silk.
(d) The silk is of poor quality and can only be used to make organzine.

5. Where does Tessie and her family wait out the riots?
(a) At the Zebra Room.
(b) In Desdemona and Lefty's room in their attic.
(c) In Desdemona and Lefty's room in their basement.
(d) At a neighbor's home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is unique about Calliope's fifth chromosome?

2. What hormone does Callie's body not produce because of her 5-alpha-reductase deficiency?

3. Who is Lefty and Desdemona's sponsor for entry into America?

4. What reason does Lefty give Desdemona for his trip into town?

5. In "Opa!", why is Milton suddenly around the house more than at the diner?

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