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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Tiresias In Love.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Lefty able to get he and Desdemona out of the burning city of Smyrna?
(a) He hitchikes from the city into the mountains.
(b) He pretends they are French citizens in order to gain passage on a departing boat.
(c) He buys tickets on boat bound for Greece.
(d) He asks Dr. Philobosian to allow them to hide in his home.

2. Why does Sourmelina move back to Detroit in 1972?
(a) To be closer to her family.
(b) To escape the heat of the Southwest.
(c) Mrs. Watson wants to be closer to her family.
(d) Because Mrs. Watson leaves her for another woman.

3. What is unusual about Lefty and Desdemona's relationship?
(a) They are sexually attracted to each other even though they are brother and sister.
(b) They have very different interests. Lefty likes the modern, city life while Desdemona is more traditional.
(c) They are pretending to be brother and sister, but are actually involved in a romantic relationship.
(d) They live alone in their family home after their parents die.

4. What does Lefty resolve to do after his visit to the brothel?
(a) Leave Bithynios to immigrate to America.
(b) Tell Desdemona of his feelings for her.
(c) Marry a village girl and start a family.
(d) Attend the local Greek church more often.

5. What concerns Milton about Lefty's business practices at the Zebra Room?
(a) Milton does not understand why Lefty is paying for three insurance policies on the building.
(b) Milton is concerned about Lefty's dealings with bootleggers.
(c) Milton believes it is immoral for Lefty to sell alcohol in the Zebra Room.
(d) Milton worries that the Zebra Room will be broken into because it is in a bad neighborhood.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Desdemona hope that Tessie will marry?

2. What does Chapter Eleven announce he plans on majoring in after his freshman year of college?

3. Why is the Obscure Object transferred to Mr. da Silva's class?

4. What role is Callie assigned in her English class production of Antigone?

5. Why does Jimmy Zismo need to smuggle alcohol into the U.S. from Canada?

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