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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Home Movies.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Lefty's and Dr. Philobosian's paths cross?
(a) They are both digging through garbage bins looking for food.
(b) The doctor offers Lefty money and medical treatment while he is in Smyrna.
(c) They meet and strike up a conversation at a bakery in Smyrna.
(d) They are both are fleeing Turkey.

2. What helps narrator feel more masculine?
(a) His full head of hair.
(b) Cigars.
(c) Using urinals in the men's bathroom.
(d) A checked shirt.

3. What shocks Desdemona and Lefty about Sourmelina's husband, Jimmy Zismo?
(a) His wealth.
(b) His occupation.
(c) His dark skin.
(d) His religious beliefs.

4. What is unusual about Lefty and Desdemona's relationship?
(a) They live alone in their family home after their parents die.
(b) They have very different interests. Lefty likes the modern, city life while Desdemona is more traditional.
(c) They are pretending to be brother and sister, but are actually involved in a romantic relationship.
(d) They are sexually attracted to each other even though they are brother and sister.

5. Where do Desdemona and Lefty move to when they arrive in the United States?
(a) Grosse Pointe.
(b) New York City.
(c) New Smyrna.
(d) Detroit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What religion do the members of Temple No. 1 practice?

2. What does Desdemona promise St. Christopher she will do if Milton is spared injury in the war?

3. What is unusual about Desdemona's presence on Hastings Street?

4. How is Lefty able to get he and Desdemona out of the burning city of Smyrna?

5. What medical fact does Dr. Philobosian share with Desdemona that makes her worry about her pregnancy?

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