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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Home Movies.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator say his purpose for telling this story?
(a) To share his family history.
(b) To convince the reader to accept him.
(c) To explain why he is the way he is.
(d) To record the history of his genetic anomaly.

2. Why does Milton decide to take the Annapolis entrance exam?
(a) Because he believes that being accepted into Annapolis will make Tessie proud of him.
(b) Because he will be exempt from drills while taking the test.
(c) Because he wants to be relocated closer to Tessie.
(d) Because he has dreamed of becoming a Navy officer.

3. What tragic event occurs on the same day as Calliope's birth?
(a) Callie's parents discover she has a rare genetic disorder.
(b) Her grandfather dies.
(c) The Korean War begins.
(d) Her grandfather has his first stroke.

4. Why did Sourmelina's parents send her to America?
(a) They wanted her to find fame and fortune in America.
(b) They could not afford to support an unmarried daughter.
(c) She was caught in a scandalous affair with a woman.
(d) They could not find a man to marry her in Bithynios.

5. Who does Desdemona over hear through the heating vents in the Silk Room of the Temple No. 1?
(a) The Prophet Muhammed.
(b) Betty Smith.
(c) W.D. Fard.
(d) Sister Wanda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following actions is NOT part of Lefty and Desdemona's plan to convince themselves and others that they are young lovers rather than brother and sister?

2. Why do Lefty and Desdemona know that they can trust Sourmelina to keep the secret that they are siblings?

3. What is the fate of the Silk Room at Temple No. 1 when Elijah Muhammed takes over as leader after Fard's arrest.?

4. What happens to the Zebra Room in this chapter?

5. What does Lefty do while working on the assembly line at Ford that angers some of the other workers?

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