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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Home Movies.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Desdemona vow to never do again after Milton's birth?
(a) Have another child.
(b) Predict the sex of an unborn child using her silver spoon.
(c) Tell anyone that she and Lefty are brother and sister.
(d) Care for Sourmelina's baby, Theodora.

2. What does Uncle Pete encourage Tessie and Milton to do to ensure their baby will be a girl?
(a) Go to church and pray that they will have a baby girl.
(b) Use in-vitro fertilization.
(c) Use a thermometer to predict Tessie's ovulation date and have sex 24 hours before she ovulates.
(d) Use a thermometer to predict Tessie's ovulation date and have sex 24 hours after she ovulates.

3. What is Lefty's actual motivation for going into town?
(a) To shop for groceries at the market.
(b) To visit a local bar and brothel.
(c) To court a woman he hopes to marry.
(d) To sell the silk cocoons at market.

4. What happens to the Zebra Room's earnings?
(a) The Zebra Room earns little money because it is located in a poor neighborhood.
(b) Lefty loses them by gambling instead of depositing them into the bank.
(c) They are stolen when the Zebra Room is burglarized.
(d) Milton uses the money to expand the operation by opening a series of hot dog stands.

5. What is the English translation of "ex ovo omnia"?
(a) Everything is an egg.
(b) Everything exits an egg.
(c) Everything comes out of an egg.
(d) Every child begins as an egg.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following statements best describes Uncle Pete?

2. How does Milton seduce Tessie?

3. What does the narrator say his purpose for telling this story?

4. What does Desdemona do to help make the village girls more attractive to Lefty?

5. Who does Desdemona over hear through the heating vents in the Silk Room of the Temple No. 1?

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