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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, News of the World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Desdemona promise St. Christopher she will do if Milton is spared injury in the war?
(a) She will attend church on a daily basis.
(b) She will send Milton to Bithynios to repair the town's church.
(c) She will confess to her children that she and Lefty are brother and sister.
(d) She will donate a large portion of her earnings to the church.

2. What does Desdemona vow to never do again after Milton's birth?
(a) Tell anyone that she and Lefty are brother and sister.
(b) Have another child.
(c) Care for Sourmelina's baby, Theodora.
(d) Predict the sex of an unborn child using her silver spoon.

3. Who marries Lefty and Desdemona on the boat?
(a) Dr. Philobosian.
(b) No one, they are not married until they reach America.
(c) Captain Kontoulis.
(d) A priest traveling on the Giulia.

4. What does Desdemona attempt to smuggle into the U.S. in her silkworm box?
(a) Silkworm cocoons.
(b) A silver spoon.
(c) Silkworms.
(d) Silkworm eggs.

5. What does Desdemona admire about the women of Temple No.1?
(a) Their work ethic.
(b) Their modesty.
(c) Their ability to create beautiful silk fabric.
(d) Their religious devotion.

Short Answer Questions

1. What helps narrator feel more masculine?

2. Why does Desdemona visit Dr. Philobosian in this chapter?

3. What is unusual about Lefty and Desdemona's relationship?

4. What is the fate of the Silk Room at Temple No. 1 when Elijah Muhammed takes over as leader after Fard's arrest.?

5. What reason does Lefty give Desdemona for his trip into town?

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