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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1, The Silk Road.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Pete encourage Tessie and Milton to do to ensure their baby will be a girl?
(a) Use in-vitro fertilization.
(b) Use a thermometer to predict Tessie's ovulation date and have sex 24 hours after she ovulates.
(c) Go to church and pray that they will have a baby girl.
(d) Use a thermometer to predict Tessie's ovulation date and have sex 24 hours before she ovulates.

2. Which of the following statements best describes Uncle Pete?
(a) A self-made business man.
(b) A superstitious old man.
(c) A sweet natured priest.
(d) An intellectual chiropractor.

3. How do Lefty's and Dr. Philobosian's paths cross?
(a) They are both digging through garbage bins looking for food.
(b) They meet and strike up a conversation at a bakery in Smyrna.
(c) They are both are fleeing Turkey.
(d) The doctor offers Lefty money and medical treatment while he is in Smyrna.

4. Which of the following actions is NOT part of Lefty and Desdemona's plan to convince themselves and others that they are young lovers rather than brother and sister?
(a) They board the ship separately.
(b) They discuss their family tree as if they are learning it for the first time.
(c) They have chance meetings on the deck pretending to be getting to know each other for the first time.
(d) They consummate their marriage in the life boat.

5. What does Desdemona vow to never do again after Calliope's birth?
(a) Attend church.
(b) Predict a child's sex.
(c) Leave her ill husband alone.
(d) Speak to Tessie.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is unique about Calliope's fifth chromosome?

2. What does the narrator say makes him/her "the most famous hermaphrodite in history"?

3. What is unusual about Lefty and Desdemona's relationship?

4. What does Dr. Philobosian have that he believes will protect him from the Turks?

5. What does Lefty resolve to do after his visit to the brothel?

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