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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Go West, Young Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are realtors reluctant to sell Milton a home in Grosse Pointe?
(a) Because of his loud voice.
(b) Because of his Greek background.
(c) Because they do not believe he can afford the mortgage.
(d) Because of the way he dresses.

2. Why does the silk Lefty sells in the market not earn much money?
(a) He brings the cocoons to market too late in the day.
(b) The silk is of poor quality and can only be used to make organzine.
(c) Desdemona does not give him enough cocoons to sell.
(d) The merchants are poor and are unable to pay much for the silk.

3. How do Callie and the Object react to Jerome's vampire movie shoot in the woods?
(a) They laugh hysterically while watching it from behind a tree.
(b) They are eager to be a part of it and ask Jerome for parts in the movie.
(c) They volunteer to hold the camera for Jerome.
(d) They are jealous that Jerome did not ask them to be a part of it.

4. What condition must Desdemona meet to be hired by the Temple No. 1?
(a) She must convince them that she had black ancestors.
(b) She must demonstrate that she knows how to weave silk into fabric.
(c) She must prove that she is capable of raising silk worms.
(d) She must pledge allegiance to their religious leader, Minister Fard.

5. In the chapter "Tricknology", what does Lefty do to help supplement his income?
(a) He extends the operating hours of the Zebra Room.
(b) He solicits women to pose for pornographic photos taken by his friend Maurice.
(c) He rents a room in the family's home to a customer from the Zebra Room.
(d) He serves as a driver for his friend Maurice during the day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Callie witness late one night that foreshadows the violent turn that the riots will take?

2. What does Lefty resolve to do after his visit to the brothel?

3. What does Desdemona fear will happen to Lefty?

4. What role is Callie assigned in her English class production of Antigone?

5. What is Cal/Callie's initial impression of Ben Scheer?

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