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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Go West, Young Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following adjectives best describes the scenes of Milton in Navy training?
(a) Comical.
(b) Dangerous.
(c) Brave.
(d) Focused.

2. Which of the following is NOT a reason why Callie is concerned about her upcoming appointment with Dr. Bauer?
(a) The Object tells Callie that the exam is painful.
(b) He is a gynecologist and she knows that her genitals are different than other girls'.
(c) The Object tells Callie that Dr. Bauer is perverted.
(d) Callie is concerned that he will be able to tell that she is sexually attracted to girls.

3. What does Desdemona do following Lefty's death?
(a) She wails and throws herself on his coffin.
(b) She moves from the guest house into the main house at Middlesex.
(c) She moves to the Southwest with Sourmelina.
(d) She climbs into her bed and does not leave it for ten years.

4. What does Mike Antoniou think of Tessie's daily trips to the movie theatre?
(a) He is concerned that movie going will interfere with her volunteer duties.
(b) He believes that it is frivolous to attend movies while the war is going on.
(c) He thinks that movies are immoral.
(d) He is glad that she has found something that she enjoys to fill her time while he is away.

5. How does Callie become a first hand witness to the burning of the diner?
(a) Milton tells Callie the story of the fire when he arrives home from the diner.
(b) She sees news footage of the diner catching fire on t.v.
(c) Tessie drives the family to the Zebra Room to help Milton.
(d) She rides her bike to the Zebra Room to help her father.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Desdemona vow to never do again after Milton's birth?

2. What does Callie witness late one night that foreshadows the violent turn that the riots will take?

3. What is Lefty's actual motivation for going into town?

4. Why does the narrator say that the riots were "the best thing that ever happened to us"?

5. What does Desdemona admire about the women of Temple No.1?

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