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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2, Tricknology.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Desdemona fear will happen to Lefty?
(a) He will become a smoker and alcoholic.
(b) He will marry a village girl and will leave Desdemona alone to care for the cocoonery.
(c) He will never marry and will die alone.
(d) He will marry an unattractive Turkish woman.

2. What religion do the members of Temple No. 1 practice?
(a) Islam.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) No religion. They are a business, not a church.
(d) Greek Orthodox Christianity.

3. What does Desdemona attempt to smuggle into the U.S. in her silkworm box?
(a) Silkworm eggs.
(b) Silkworm cocoons.
(c) A silver spoon.
(d) Silkworms.

4. What is unusual about Desdemona's presence on Hastings Street?
(a) Desdemona is dressed in traditional Greek clothing while everyone on Hastings Street is dressed in modern clothing.
(b) Hastings Street is a long distance from her home on Hurlbut.
(c) Hastings Street is primarily a white neighborhood and Desdemona is black.
(d) Hastings Street is primarily a black neighborhood and Desdemona is white.

5. What is Lefty's actual motivation for going into town?
(a) To shop for groceries at the market.
(b) To visit a local bar and brothel.
(c) To sell the silk cocoons at market.
(d) To court a woman he hopes to marry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is located in Desdemona's hope chest that she fears she will never use?

2. What does Desdemona admire about the women of Temple No.1?

3. Why do Lefty and Desdemona know that they can trust Sourmelina to keep the secret that they are siblings?

4. Where do Desdemona and Lefty move to when they arrive in the United States?

5. Who marries Lefty and Desdemona on the boat?

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