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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, The Wolverette.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mike Antoniou think of Tessie's daily trips to the movie theatre?
(a) He thinks that movies are immoral.
(b) He is glad that she has found something that she enjoys to fill her time while he is away.
(c) He believes that it is frivolous to attend movies while the war is going on.
(d) He is concerned that movie going will interfere with her volunteer duties.

2. What condition must Desdemona meet to be hired by the Temple No. 1?
(a) She must convince them that she had black ancestors.
(b) She must prove that she is capable of raising silk worms.
(c) She must demonstrate that she knows how to weave silk into fabric.
(d) She must pledge allegiance to their religious leader, Minister Fard.

3. What does Desdemona attempt to smuggle into the U.S. in her silkworm box?
(a) A silver spoon.
(b) Silkworm cocoons.
(c) Silkworms.
(d) Silkworm eggs.

4. Why does Jimmy Fioretos call to wake Milton early one morning?
(a) Race riots have begun in the city near the Zebra Room.
(b) The Zebra Room has been broken into.
(c) Jimmy wants Milton to help him protect his business.
(d) The Zebra Room has caught on fire.

5. Which book is the only one that Milton and Tessie complete during their quest to complete the Great Books series?
(a) The Republic by Plato.
(b) The Complete Works of Socrates.
(c) Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.
(d) The Prince by Machiavelli.

Short Answer Questions

1. What religion do the members of Temple No. 1 practice?

2. What does Desdemona promise St. Christopher she will do if Milton is spared injury in the war?

3. What happens to Milton as he is about to go into war that Desdemona believes is an answer to her prayers?

4. Which of the following actions is NOT part of Lefty and Desdemona's plan to convince themselves and others that they are young lovers rather than brother and sister?

5. Where does Tessie and her family wait out the riots?

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