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Bithynios, Greece

This location is the small village in Greece near Bursa where Desdemona and Lefty were born and raised. This location is the hometown they left to emigrate to America.

Detroit, Michigan

Desdemona and Lefty immigrated and settled in this location. The couple chose this location because their cousin, Sourmelina, lived there with her husband and invited the newlyweds to live with them. This location was home to the Stephanides family until they moved to the suburbs after the race riots.

Middlesex, Grosse Pointe

After the Detroit race riots in the 1960's, the Stephanides family moved to the upper middle class, white neighborhood of this location. This was the name of their street and also a symbol for Cal's gender.

Berlin, Germany

This location is where the adult Cal lives and serves as cultural attaché.

San Francisco, California

When Callie ran away and changed her identity to...

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