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Book 1, The Silver Spoon

• The story begins with the narrator telling the reader he was born twice. Once as a baby girl and once as a teenage boy.

• The narrator (Cal) is conceived following a scientific method which will supposedly assure that the baby will be a girl.

• Desdemona predicts Tessie and Milton's baby will be a boy. The baby delivered is a girl.

Book 1, Matchmaking

• The narrator takes the story back to Bithynios, Turkey in 1922 and focuses on his grandparents, Desdemona and Lefty.

• Desdemona and Lefty struggle with conflicted feelings towards one another. On one hand they are brother and sister and on the other hand they are sexually attracted to each other.

• Lefty visits Bursa to sell silk cocoons and to visit a brothel where he has sex with a prostitute whom he calls by his sister's name.

• Desdemona attempts to get Lefty to...

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