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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Rosamond and Lydgate argue over her actions, what does she tell Lydgate?
(a) She wishes she had died with the baby.
(b) She will not interfere anymore.
(c) She will not allow him to disgrace her with debt.
(d) She wants to move back in with her family.

2. Dorothea becomes upset when the Farebrother women talk about what?
(a) Their fondness for Ladislaw.
(b) The gossip concerning Lydgate.
(c) The gossip concerning Bulstrode.
(d) Rosamond's illness.

3. What does Bulstrode ask Mr. Garth to do after Bulstrode leaves town?
(a) To loan Bulstrode money.
(b) To give Bulstrode Mary Garth's hand in marriage.
(c) To find a live-in tenant to oversee Stone Court.
(d) To become a financier for the hospital.

4. With whom does Dorothea collaborate to improve life for poor farmers?
(a) Lydgate.
(b) Bulstrode.
(c) Farebrother.
(d) Caleb Garth.

5. What is Lydgate's reaction to Rosamond's illness?
(a) He thinks Rosamond may be ill but neglects her out of anger.
(b) He thinks that Rosamond is feigning illness to get attention.
(c) He thinks that Rosamond is feigning illness so that he will not be angry with her anymore.
(d) He fears that Rosamond is really sick, and tends to her.

6. When Ladislaw's messenger arrives at Lowick, Dorothea is not there. Where is she?
(a) Stone Court.
(b) In town.
(c) Freshitt.
(d) Tipton.

7. Where is Dorothea living at the beginning of Chapter 49?
(a) Stone Court.
(b) Lowick.
(c) Freshitt.
(d) Tipton.

8. To whom does Rosamond write, asking for money?
(a) Her brother.
(b) Dorothea.
(c) Lydgate's relative.
(d) Her father.

9. Who has decided to leave town in Chapter 76?
(a) Lydgate.
(b) Bulstrode.
(c) Fred.
(d) Dorothea.

10. Rosamond insisted on having what items, putting Lydgate in debt as a result?
(a) Clothing.
(b) Household items.
(c) Jewelry.
(d) Horses.

11. What event is attended by most of Middlemarch?
(a) The county fair.
(b) The Larcher auction.
(c) A hanging.
(d) The election.

12. What has changed for Celia by the time of Casaubon's death?
(a) She is divorced.
(b) She has had a baby.
(c) She is in poor health.
(d) She is widowed.

13. What holiday is being celebrated at the beginning of Chapter 63?
(a) Michaelmas.
(b) Candlemas.
(c) Christmas.
(d) All Saints' Day.

14. After Dorothea returns to Lowick, who pays her a visit?
(a) Lydgate.
(b) Mr. Brooke.
(c) Celia.
(d) Ladislaw.

15. Rosamond interferes with Lydgate's plans to do what?
(a) Move back to Paris.
(b) Sell their house.
(c) Start a new practice.
(d) Go into politics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Politics take precedence at the Chettam household because the national legislature has vetoed what?

2. Who sees Lydgate at the pool hall?

3. Who assures Ladislaw that everything has been cleared with Dorothea?

4. How soon do Fred and Mary want to be married?

5. What condition affects Rosamond in Chapter 47?

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