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Charles Johnson
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Short Answer Questions

1. What prophecy of Reverend Chandler about him does Rutherford say comes true in Entry 3?

2. When McGaffin notices the ring that Rutherford is wearing, how does Rutherford say he got it from Captain Falcon?

3. Cringle's correct speech is taken as ________, and the captain interprets his sensitivity as ___________.

4. Why do the Allmuseri require no medication?

5. What position does Peter Cringle hold aboard the Republic?

Short Essay Questions

1. On the day Rutherford meets Baleka and her mother, he throws Baleka a biscuit. What is her mother's response?

2. What kind of man does Rutherford see portrayed in Captain Falcon's journal entries?

3. The night Rutherford meets with Zeringue, he finds that he owes Zeringue 50,000 francs. He also learns that Zeringue and Isadora have made a deal regarding his debt with Zeringue. What are the details of this deal?

4. What ability does Rutherford lose while at sea?

5. As Cringle is taking Rutherford to meet the captain, Rutherford gives Cringle his real reasons for boarding the ship. What are they?

6. When Rutherford is awakened by Cringle and other members of the Republic's crew, why is he so quick to obey Cringle when he orders him to his feet?

7. What is Captain Falcon's reason for telling Rutherford to sit down?

8. What tendency of Rutherford's can Reverend Chandler do nothing to stifle?

9. What does Rutherford think about Isadora's choice of New Orleans as her city of residence?

10. Rutherford's first excuse for coming aboard the ship is that he is Squibb and is ready to work. What is his second excuse, after Cringle tells him that Squibb is on board?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and explain how the events that took place during the voyage to and from Bangalang cause Rutherford to move from resistance to, to willingness to, marry Isadora. Back up your argument with proof from the text.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and explain how and why the events of the third entry prove to be a turning point for Rutherford and signify a "sea change" in his personality and basic character. Back up your arguments with proof from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Using the text as backup, compare and contrast Rutherford's and Captain Falcon's personalities, particularly their individual approaches towards honesty and ability to trust, and explain how the relationship that develops between them plays a role in the development of the novel.

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