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Charles Johnson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rutherford do after Squibb finishes bleeding him?
(a) He goes swimming.
(b) He takes a shower.
(c) He vomits.
(d) He falls asleep.

2. What does the crew realize their only hope for survival is?
(a) The Allmuseri god.
(b) Cannibalism.
(c) The land that has been sighted.
(d) The ship that has been sighted nearby.

3. What natural event does Rutherford fear the special cargo will bring about?
(a) The Apocalypse.
(b) A hurricane.
(c) Waterspouts.
(d) A maelstrom.

4. About whom does Rutherford find himself thinking as he writes in the ship's log?
(a) Papa.
(b) Isadora.
(c) Jackson.
(d) Reverend Chandler.

5. After Rutherford finishes telling Squibb about Reverend Chandler's death, what illness does he say that Baleka seems to have?
(a) A cold.
(b) Malaria.
(c) A fever.
(d) Influenza.

6. How long has the cargo been in existence?
(a) Since the Stone Age.
(b) Forever.
(c) Since the Roman times.
(d) Since the Middle Ages.

7. When the ship sinks, where does it break apart?
(a) Down the center.
(b) At the front.
(c) At the back.
(d) Across the middle.

8. When Baleka comes to check on Rutherford, what does he notice about how she displays feelings?
(a) She never displays them to anyone.
(b) She displays them very cautiously.
(c) She expresses them very melodramatically.
(d) She wears them on her sleeve.

9. What does Rutherford wind up inheriting from Reverend Chandler?
(a) A Bible.
(b) Forty acres, a copy of McGuffey's Primer, and a mule.
(c) Forty dollars, a Bible, and Chandler's bedpan.
(d) Four dollars, a book of poetry, and Chandler's razor.

10. When the mate named Fletcher comes into the meeting room, what news does he have for the mutineers?
(a) The captain's men have caught wind of the mutiny and have abandoned ship.
(b) The captain's men have caught wind of the mutiny and have begun killing the crew.
(c) Everything is in place and the mutiny can start whenever the men are ready.
(d) The slaves have escaped and are revolting.

11. On what does Riley Jackson blame his wild ways?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Slavery.
(c) Women.
(d) Rutherford.

12. After Rutherford finds crew members in the storeroom, he returns to the captain's cabin. In what condition does he find Captain Falcon?
(a) Unhurt.
(b) Dead.
(c) Comatose.
(d) Badly hurt.

13. When the food rations become low, what do the crew begin eating?
(a) Rats and leeches.
(b) The corpses of those killed in the battle.
(c) Insects.
(d) Candles and leather.

14. After his conversation with Falcon, what does Rutherford see?
(a) Ngonyama, eavesdropping on the conversation.
(b) Meadows, imitating Rutherford's voice and habits.
(c) Squibb and his parrot, both drunk.
(d) Meadows, imitating Falcon's voice and habits.

15. In what way, according to Rutherford, do the Allmuseri greet visitors to their village that is often misunderstood?
(a) By spitting at their feet.
(b) By throwing water on them.
(c) By spitting at their faces.
(d) By throwing dirt on them.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old does Rutherford estimate the deceased slave boy to be?

2. After the battle ends, whom do the Allmuseri accuse of being responsible for the brutal ways in which they were treated?

3. What is the only thing that Falcon is concerned with?

4. When Rutherford goes back up on deck after evaluating Baleka, which direction does he notice Ngonyama looking toward?

5. When Rutherford falls while on deck, who comes to help him?

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