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Charles Johnson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the captain tell Rutherford he must do, no matter what happens?
(a) Stay away from Meadows.
(b) Stay on good terms with Squibb.
(c) Keep trying to get along with the Allmuseri.
(d) Continue writing in the ship's log.

2. What does Captain Falcon tell Rutherford the secret cargo consists of?
(a) An Allmuseri king.
(b) An Allmuseri god.
(c) A never-before-seen bird.
(d) A dinosaur.

3. After his conversation with Falcon, what does Rutherford see?
(a) Ngonyama, eavesdropping on the conversation.
(b) Meadows, imitating Rutherford's voice and habits.
(c) Squibb and his parrot, both drunk.
(d) Meadows, imitating Falcon's voice and habits.

4. Whom does Diamelo threaten to kill for not understanding orders?
(a) Rutherford.
(b) Squibb.
(c) Baleka.
(d) Cringle.

5. That night, the Allmuseri have a ceremony to ___________ the ship.
(a) Re-dedicate.
(b) Christen.
(c) Take control of.
(d) Cleanse.

6. After Rutherford finds crew members in the storeroom, he returns to the captain's cabin. In what condition does he find Captain Falcon?
(a) Badly hurt.
(b) Dead.
(c) Comatose.
(d) Unhurt.

7. When Ngonyama comes to bring Rutherford back on deck after the storm begins, how many passengers does Ngonyama tell Rutherford remain?
(a) Twenty.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Five.
(d) Fifteen.

8. What does the crew realize their only hope for survival is?
(a) The ship that has been sighted nearby.
(b) The land that has been sighted.
(c) The Allmuseri god.
(d) Cannibalism.

9. Reverend Chandler tells Jackson and Rutherford they are ____________.
(a) Inheriting the entire plantation.
(b) Free to leave.
(c) Being conscripted into the army.
(d) Being sold to his neighbor.

10. As Rutherford observes the condition of the slaves, what does he decide about Captain Falcon?
(a) He decides the captain is mean.
(b) He decides the captain needs to be treated like he is treating the slaves.
(c) He decides the captain is evil.
(d) He decides the captain needs to die.

11. What does Rutherford admit about his own physical condition?
(a) He is worse off than the rest of the passengers.
(b) He is in perfect health.
(c) He is near death.
(d) He is in no better shape than most of the other passengers.

12. When Rutherford encounters Falcon in the passageway after one of Falcon's booby traps goes off, what emotion does he hear in Falcon's voice?
(a) Rage.
(b) Excitement.
(c) Nervousness.
(d) Fear.

13. When Rutherford wakes up after fainting, what medical procedure is Squibb performing on him?
(a) CPR.
(b) First aid.
(c) Surgery.
(d) Bleeding.

14. How much of Rutherford's blood does Squibb eventually draw?
(a) A quart.
(b) A cup.
(c) A pint.
(d) A gallon.

15. Wounded limbs are treated by _____________; a sore tooth is treated by _____________.
(a) Amputation; extraction.
(b) Antibiotics; extraction.
(c) Amputation; drilling and filling.
(d) Antibiotics; cold compresses.

Short Answer Questions

1. This journal entry ends as:

2. What does Rutherford's father, Riley, like to do after a long day of working?

3. When Baleka comes to check on Rutherford, what does she tell him?

4. What Allmuseri martial art is based on fighting in close quarters while bound?

5. When Baleka comes to check on Rutherford, what does he notice about how she displays feelings?

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