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Charles Johnson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Entry 8: August 1, 1830.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rutherford notice about the slaves when they come up from the hold?
(a) They have lice and rat bites.
(b) Their feet are dirty.
(c) They don't have any clothes.
(d) They smell of vomit and feces.

2. Wounded limbs are treated by _____________; a sore tooth is treated by _____________.
(a) Antibiotics; cold compresses.
(b) Amputation; drilling and filling.
(c) Amputation; extraction.
(d) Antibiotics; extraction.

3. What is Isadora's career?
(a) Bartender.
(b) Shopkeeper.
(c) Tarot reader.
(d) Schoolteacher.

4. In what way, according to Rutherford, do the Allmuseri greet visitors to their village that is often misunderstood?
(a) By spitting at their faces.
(b) By spitting at their feet.
(c) By throwing water on them.
(d) By throwing dirt on them.

5. How does Captain Falcon die?
(a) He dies from the injuries he suffered when his cabin collapsed.
(b) He is murdered.
(c) He is made to walk the plank and is eaten by sharks.
(d) He commits suicide.

Short Answer Questions

1. What effect does Rutherford say the written form of the Allmuseri language has on him?

2. What does Captain Falcon consider himself?

3. How many slaves is Ngonyama put in charge of?

4. Approximately long will the ship's journey take?

5. What does the crew realize their only hope for survival is?

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