Middle Passage Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charles Johnson
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Entry 1: June 14, 1830

• Rutherford Calhoun, a freedman from a Southern cotton plantation, winds up in New Orleans.

• When Rutherford is not able to find work in either the salons or negro bars, he falls back to stealing, which he has done since childhood. However, he warns readers not to be too judgmental of him.

• Rutherford enjoys spending time by the waterfront, and while there one day meets a young woman named Isadora.

• Isadora is twenty years old, a schoolteacher, and a devout Christian; Rutherford is attracted to her inner beauty, stunning personality, and intelligence. However, he is not willing to admit that he is in love with her.
• Isadora tries to change Rutherford, to convince him to stop stealing and drinking. She tries to convince Rutherford to marry her, telling him that he just needs a good woman to help him settle down.

• When Rutherford tells Isadora he doesn't...

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