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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sanker disrespect the old poet?

2. How does Hamida respond to Abbas' words of love?

3. Why does Abbas think Hamida talks of money rather than of love?

4. How does Zaita treat his clients?

5. How does Kirsha defend his lustful conduct?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hamida feel when Ibrahim Faraj begins to woo her?

2. Why has Salim Alwan decided to take a second wife?

3. Why does Abbas believe that Hamida feels the same attraction for him that he feels for her?

4. Why does Kirsha come to Radwan Hussainy's home?

5. Why does Radwan Hussainy advise Umm Hamida that Abbas will be a better husband for Hamida than Salim Alwan?

6. Why is Hamida pleased when Abbas says that what she has done will always stand between them?

7. To what does Radwan Hussain compare evil?

8. Why does Hussain Kirsha say that Abbas should be an Italian rather than a Briton?

9. What bad habits does Mrs. Afify have?

10. What does Radwan Hussainy promise Abbas will happen if he returns to work and forgets about Hamida?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A protagonist in a story is the character who suffers most and learns most. Is there a single protagonist in this story? If so, who is the protagonist? Use evidence from the text to support your point of view.

Essay Topic 2

Take Zaita's point of view and write an essay defending his method of earning a living.

Essay Topic 3

Determine what the main theme of Midaq Alley is, and support your answer with evidence from the book. Where is this theme seen in the book? How is it exemplified? Who does it affect? What role does it have in the plot?

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