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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Susu say it is an advantage that Hamida has never danced before?
(a) Hamida will be more difficult to teach.
(b) Hamida will be more graceful.
(c) Hamida will be more obedient.
(d) Susu can mold Hamida as he wishes.

2. What is the first thing Ibrahim Faraj makes Hamida change?
(a) Her name.
(b) Her manners.
(c) Her wardrobe.
(d) Her hairstyle.

3. Why does Zaita insist Dr. Booshy accompany him into the tombs?
(a) Zaita needs someone to hold the light.
(b) Zaita enjoys torturing Dr. Booshy.
(c) Zaita is fearful and needs support.
(d) Dr. Booshy is stronger.

4. Why is Uncle Kamil unable to vote?
(a) He doesn't know how to read.
(b) He doesn't study the issues.
(c) He doesn't know his birthplace.
(d) He is not Egyptian.

5. Why does Salim Alwan plan revenge on his wife?
(a) He believes that she has cursed him.
(b) He believes that she is envious of him.
(c) He believes that she has stolen from him.
(d) He believes that she is unfaithful.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Salim Alwan apologize to Sheikh Darwish?

2. What does Mrs. Afify want from Dr. Booshy?

3. Who does Salim Alwan trust now that he never did before?

4. Why do Salim Alwan's sons object to his marrying again?

5. Who does Hussain Kirsha blame for his failures?

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