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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Umm Hamida consult Radwan Hussainy about Salim Alwan's offer?
(a) Radwan Hussainy is paid for his advice.
(b) Their family always relies on his advice.
(c) Their family has no other man to consult.
(d) Radwan Hussainy is a relative.

2. How is Hamida's engagement to Abbas confirmed?
(a) By signing a contract.
(b) By the reading of the Qur'an.
(c) By pledging before witnesses.
(d) By giving Hamida a diamond ring.

3. Why was Zaita happy as a child?
(a) The muddy sidewalk was a summer resort for him.
(b) His family took him to a summer resort.
(c) His family had a comfortable home in those days.
(d) He played at a swimming hole.

4. How long will Abbas be in the service of the British army?
(a) Five years.
(b) Less than a year.
(c) A year or two.
(d) At least six months.

5. How has Dr. Booshy earned his title?
(a) His patients call him "doctor."
(b) He studied at the university in Cairo.
(c) He was apprenticed to a dentist.
(d) He studied dentistry abroad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Salim Alwan's company sell?

2. What tragedies have befallen Radwan Hussain?

3. How does Zaita react to being compared with Jaada?

4. What does Hamida feel for Abbas as they walk together?

5. What does Abbas say that falling in love has done for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Hamida and her friends feel about the Jewish girls that work in Cairo?

2. Why does Dr. Booshy suffer when he goes with Zaita to rob graves?

3. Why have Salim Alwan's sons drifted from the life of merchants and trade?

4. Why does Salim Alwan envy those who die of a heart attack?

5. Why does Radwan Hussainy advise Umm Hamida that Abbas will be a better husband for Hamida than Salim Alwan?

6. What does Hamida hope when the handsome stranger first talks to her - a hope that is the exact opposite of what she says?

7. Of Abbas and Hussain Kirsha, which was first to leave the alley and which was first to return?

8. What change takes place in Kirsha's cafe in Chapter One and what does this change represent?

9. How does Hamida feel about questions of morality?

10. What bad habits does Mrs. Afify have?

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