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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What stops the engagement of Salim Alwan to Hamida?
(a) Mrs. Alwan stops Salim Alwan.
(b) Salim Alwan has a heart attack.
(c) Salim Alwan changes his mind.
(d) Radwan Hussainy talks Salim Alwan out of the idea.

2. How is Radwan Hussainy regarded by pious men like himself?
(a) Radwan Hussainy is limited and weak.
(b) Radwan Hussainy is a scholar with great learning.
(c) Radwan Hussainy is a saintly man of god.
(d) Radwan Hussainy is their teacher of the Qur'an.

3. Why is Uncle Kamil unafraid of dying?
(a) He has led a sinless life.
(b) He wants to be reunited with his wife.
(c) He is in constant pain.
(d) His life is merely a prolonged sleep.

4. What are the professions of Salim Alwan's sons?
(a) They do not work.
(b) A judge, an attorney, and a doctor.
(c) They are all merchants.
(d) A teacher, a musician, and a barber.

5. How does the boy respond to Kirsha's invitation to come to his cafe?
(a) "A good jug pours forth good water."
(b) "Only a fool refuses generosity!"
(c) "If you want to eat, you must tire yourself out."
(d) "May God forgive your evil thoughts!"

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the alley learn of Salim Alwan's lunch and its powers?

2. How does Kirsha reacts when Hussain says he really will leave home?

3. Why do people in the alley avoid Zaita?

4. How much older is Mrs. Afify than her prospective husband?

5. How long will Abbas be in the service of the British army?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Hamida and her friends feel about the Jewish girls that work in Cairo?

2. What change takes place in Kirsha's cafe in Chapter One and what does this change represent?

3. What does Radwan Hussainy promise Abbas will happen if he returns to work and forgets about Hamida?

4. Why does Kirsha come to Radwan Hussainy's home?

5. What does Hamida believe rich people eat?

6. Waiting for the boy with whom he has become acquainted, Kirsha suffers the "bitterness of victory." What is the bitterness of victory?

7. What is the difference between the way Abbas feels about Midaq Alley and the way Hussain Kirsha feels?

8. Why do residents of the alley fear Umm Hamida?

9. How had Sheikh Darwish become a homeless man of God?

10. What does Hamida mean when she quotes the saying to her foster mother, "It's always the carpenter's door that's falling apart?"

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