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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Hamida think she will never eat lentils again?
(a) Lentils are fattening.
(b) Lentils are the food of the poor.
(c) She won't have time to cook.
(d) Lentils are difficult to find in the city.

2. What is the one thought that weakens Hamida's determination to go with Ibrahim Faraj?
(a) She will never see Midaq Alley again.
(b) She will never see Umm Hamida again.
(c) She will never see Abbas again.
(d) She will never see Salim Alwan again.

3. How does Mrs. Afify react to the news of Dr. Booshy's capture?
(a) She throws away her gold teeth.
(b) She tells everyone she knows.
(c) She buys the stolen teeth.
(d) She goes to visit him in jail.

4. What moment marks the dividing point between Hamida's two lives?
(a) When she cooks the lentils.
(b) When she walks away from Midaq Alley.
(c) When she packs her clothes.
(d) When she steps into the taxi with Ibrahim Faraj.

5. What happens to Zaita and Dr. Booshy in the tombs?
(a) They get scared and run away.
(b) They are arrested.
(c) They are trapped inside.
(d) They can't find the gold teeth.

6. What does Hamida have that proves her popularity with the soldiers?
(a) Dates.
(b) Savings.
(c) Jewelry.
(d) Beautiful clothes.

7. What are Kirsha's real feelings about Hussain Kirsha's return home?
(a) He is pleased at his son's return and delighted with his marriage.
(b) He is disinterested in his son's return and unconcerned by his marriage.
(c) He is furious at his son's return and appalled at his marriage.
(d) He is amused by his son's return and surprised at his marriage.

8. What has Abbas learned while he has been away from the alley?
(a) How to speak English.
(b) How to speak German.
(c) How to speak Arabic.
(d) How to speak French.

9. What is the first class to which Ibrahim Faraj takes Hamida?
(a) Art.
(b) Sexual mores and manners.
(c) Western dancing.
(d) Oriental dancing.

10. What pleases Kirsha most about his son's return?
(a) Kirsha is attracted to his daughter-in-law's brother.
(b) Kirsha's predictions about his son's future are vindicated.
(c) Kirsha has missed his son.
(d) Kirsha is attracted to his daughter-in-law.

11. Who does Salim Alwan trust now that he never did before?
(a) His employees.
(b) Doctors.
(c) His family.
(d) Lawyers.

12. Why does Salim Alwan curse Sheikh Darwish?
(a) He is irritated by the news that Hamida has left with a man.
(b) He is irritated by Sheikh Darwish's constant babbling.
(c) He is irritated by Sheikh Darwish getting in his path.
(d) He is irritated by his own ill health.

13. What endeavor do Dr. Booshy and Zaita share?
(a) Picking pockets.
(b) Grave robbing.
(c) Extortion of beggars.
(d) Burglary of homes.

14. Why does Zaita insist Dr. Booshy accompany him into the tombs?
(a) Zaita is fearful and needs support.
(b) Zaita enjoys torturing Dr. Booshy.
(c) Dr. Booshy is stronger.
(d) Zaita needs someone to hold the light.

15. How does Hamida feel about the stranger's constant attention?
(a) Thrilled and pleased.
(b) Fascinated and infuriated.
(c) Disinterested and bored.
(d) Frightened and worried.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the stranger seem out of place in Midaq Alley?

2. Why does Ibrahim Faraj stop himself from having sex with Hamida?

3. How does Sheikh Darwish respond to Ibrahim Farhat's request for a blessing?

4. What is the first thing Ibrahim Faraj makes Hamida change?

5. Who does Hussain Kirsha blame for his failures?

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