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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Kirsha has suffered the worst damage from the heart attack?
(a) His nervous system.
(b) His digestive system.
(c) His respiratory system.
(d) His circulatory system.

2. Why is Hussain Kirsha laid off by the British?
(a) They doubt his loyalty.
(b) His work was inadequate.
(c) They believe the war will end soon.
(d) They are leaving Egypt.

3. How do Salim Alwan's sons react to his hostility?
(a) They feel vengeful.
(b) They feel angry.
(c) They feel genuine sadness.
(d) They feel irritation.

4. What does Hamida believe the stranger means when he says, "I'm just the one to take you!"
(a) A business partnership.
(b) Sexual slavery.
(c) A trip abroad.
(d) Marriage.

5. Who does Kirsha support in the election?
(a) Whoever cares for the poor.
(b) Whoever preaches independence for Egypt.
(c) Whoever supports the British occupation.
(d) Whoever pays most.

6. What does Ibrahim Faraj say is his true profession?
(a) Pimp.
(b) Dance instructor.
(c) Headmaster of a school.
(d) Accountant of a busy firm.

7. Why does Zaita insist Dr. Booshy accompany him into the tombs?
(a) Zaita enjoys torturing Dr. Booshy.
(b) Dr. Booshy is stronger.
(c) Zaita is fearful and needs support.
(d) Zaita needs someone to hold the light.

8. What gift has Abbas brought for Hamida?
(a) A diamond ring.
(b) A gold necklace.
(c) A silver necklace.
(d) A gold bracelet.

9. How does Abbas respond to his first drink of alcohol?
(a) He says it is cheering.
(b) He says it is horrible.
(c) He says it is delightful.
(d) He says it is wonderful.

10. What does Kirsha forbid in the workplace when he returns after his heart attack?
(a) Alcohol.
(b) Tobacco.
(c) Hashish.
(d) Conversation.

11. What is Mrs. Kirsha's complaint when Hussain Kirsha comes home?
(a) He is unkind to her.
(b) He married without consulting his parents.
(c) He has lost his job.
(d) He has brought strangers into the home.

12. How does Mrs. Afify react to the news of Dr. Booshy's capture?
(a) She buys the stolen teeth.
(b) She tells everyone she knows.
(c) She goes to visit him in jail.
(d) She throws away her gold teeth.

13. Why does Salim Alwan apologize to Sheikh Darwish?
(a) Salim Alwan is genuinely humbled.
(b) Salim Alwan is anxious to please Sheikh Darwish.
(c) Sheikh Darwish's howling is embarrassing.
(d) A sick man should not anger one of God's holy men.

14. What is the one thought that weakens Hamida's determination to go with Ibrahim Faraj?
(a) She will never see Midaq Alley again.
(b) She will never see Salim Alwan again.
(c) She will never see Abbas again.
(d) She will never see Umm Hamida again.

15. How does Hamida see the choice Ibrahim Faraj offers her?
(a) Solitude or marriage.
(b) Innocence and crime.
(c) Virtue and vice.
(d) A dull past or an exciting future.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kirsha admire about Hitler?

2. What moment marks the dividing point between Hamida's two lives?

3. Why does Salim Alwan deprive his household of good food?

4. What does Ibrahim Farhat do for a living?

5. Why do the boys advise Uncle Kamil to put up a poster of Ibrahim Farhat, the candidate?

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