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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Kirsha reacts when Hussain says he really will leave home?
(a) Kirsha begins to weep.
(b) Kirsha refuses to speak.
(c) Kirsha leaves the room.
(d) Kirsha slaps Hussain.

2. What does Salim Alwan believe that Allah has done to make men's lives easier?
(a) Provided for them to marry one woman.
(b) Made sharp bargaining acceptable.
(c) Provided for them to take more than one wife.
(d) Made hashish legal.

3. Why does Hamida fear marriage?
(a) Hamidais afraid she won't have children.
(b) Hamida loves clothes and hates children.
(c) Hamida loves children and hates clothes.
(d) Hamida is afraid she cannot be a worthy wife.

4. What does Mrs. Afify want from Umm Hamida?
(a) A husband.
(b) A love potion.
(c) Fortunetelling.
(d) More rent.

5. Who is the only person in constant motion in the cafe?
(a) Mrs. Kirsha.
(b) Abbas.
(c) Sanker.
(d) Kirsha.

6. How has Dr. Booshy earned his title?
(a) He studied at the university in Cairo.
(b) He was apprenticed to a dentist.
(c) His patients call him "doctor."
(d) He studied dentistry abroad.

7. Why is Umma Hamida pleased with Salim Alwan's offer?
(a) The marriage will get Hamida out of her house.
(b) The marriage will make Hamida happy.
(c) The marriage will be a financial benefit to her.
(d) The marriage will be a professional success for her.

8. How is Radwan Hussainy regarded by pious men like himself?
(a) Radwan Hussainy is their teacher of the Qur'an.
(b) Radwan Hussainy is limited and weak.
(c) Radwan Hussainy is a scholar with great learning.
(d) Radwan Hussainy is a saintly man of god.

9. What does Hussain Kirsha hope Hitler will do?
(a) Commit suicide.
(b) Surrender.
(c) Retreat.
(d) Fight for another twenty years.

10. How does the alley learn of Salim Alwan's lunch and its powers?
(a) Salim Alwan's wife complains to everyone.
(b) Salim Alwan tells everyone.
(c) Husniaya tries it on her husband.
(d) Sheikh Darwish tells everyone.

11. What does Abbas say is everything in life?
(a) Money.
(b) Love.
(c) Beauty.
(d) Wisdom.

12. Why does Salim Alwan avoid a political career?
(a) He makes more money in commerce.
(b) He does not like politics.
(c) He has never been invited to participate in politics.
(d) He does not understand politics.

13. What does Kirsha blame himself for his wife's behavior?
(a) Kirsha should have beaten his wife.
(b) Kirsha should have left his wife.
(c) Kirsha should have been kinder to his wife.
(d) Kirsha should have educated his wife.

14. How long will Abbas be in the service of the British army?
(a) A year or two.
(b) Five years.
(c) At least six months.
(d) Less than a year.

15. Why do patients accept Dr. Booshy's painful cures?
(a) They believe he is the best.
(b) They believe pain is inescapable.
(c) They believe pain is the best healer.
(d) His fees are so low.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Zaita know the intimate details of the bakers' lives?

2. Why does Uncle Kamil say he can never marry?

3. Why is Uncle Kamil unafraid of dying?

4. How often does Jaada go to the baths?

5. What does Hamida believe is the key to the entire world?

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