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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Umm Hamida consult Radwan Hussainy about Salim Alwan's offer?
(a) Their family has no other man to consult.
(b) Radwan Hussainy is a relative.
(c) Radwan Hussainy is paid for his advice.
(d) Their family always relies on his advice.

2. What does Hamida believe is the key to the entire world?
(a) True love.
(b) Reliable friends.
(c) Good looks.
(d) Money.

3. How does the alley learn of Salim Alwan's lunch and its powers?
(a) Salim Alwan tells everyone.
(b) Husniaya tries it on her husband.
(c) Salim Alwan's wife complains to everyone.
(d) Sheikh Darwish tells everyone.

4. Why was Zaita happy as a child?
(a) His family took him to a summer resort.
(b) He played at a swimming hole.
(c) His family had a comfortable home in those days.
(d) The muddy sidewalk was a summer resort for him.

5. Why is Uncle Kamil unafraid of dying?
(a) He has led a sinless life.
(b) He is in constant pain.
(c) He wants to be reunited with his wife.
(d) His life is merely a prolonged sleep.

6. Why is Kirsha poor?
(a) Kirsha's cafe does not make a profit.
(b) Kirsha's money goes to support Hussain Kirsha's lifestyle.
(c) Mrs. Kirsha takes all his money.
(d) Kirsha squanders his money.

7. What bad habits does Kirsha have?
(a) Alcohol and hashish.
(b) Hashish and relations with boys.
(c) Tobacco and lying.
(d) Coffee and tobacco.

8. What is Mrs. Kirsha's personality when she visits Radwan Hussainy?
(a) Mrs. Kirsha is fearless and shameless.
(b) Mrs. Kirsha is shy and diffident.
(c) Mrs. Kirsha is hesitant and unsure of herself.
(d) Mrs. Kirsha is fearful and ashamed.

9. What does Hussain Kirsha hope Hitler will do?
(a) Retreat.
(b) Fight for another twenty years.
(c) Commit suicide.
(d) Surrender.

10. Why do patients accept Dr. Booshy's painful cures?
(a) They believe he is the best.
(b) They believe pain is the best healer.
(c) His fees are so low.
(d) They believe pain is inescapable.

11. What stops the engagement of Salim Alwan to Hamida?
(a) Mrs. Alwan stops Salim Alwan.
(b) Radwan Hussainy talks Salim Alwan out of the idea.
(c) Salim Alwan changes his mind.
(d) Salim Alwan has a heart attack.

12. How does Zaita help the strong man to become an efficient beggar?
(a) He blinds him.
(b) He teaches him to behave like an imbecile.
(c) He disfigures his face.
(d) He amputates an arm.

13. How does Salim Alwan deal with his family?
(a) He is distant and uninvolved.
(b) He is critical and demeaning.
(c) He is cruel and demanding.
(d) He is kind and generous.

14. Why is Umma Hamida pleased with Salim Alwan's offer?
(a) The marriage will be a financial benefit to her.
(b) The marriage will get Hamida out of her house.
(c) The marriage will make Hamida happy.
(d) The marriage will be a professional success for her.

15. Why does Abbas say that Uncle Kamil is completely without profit for him?
(a) Uncle Kamil has no hair to cut.
(b) Uncle Kamil never pays his bills.
(c) Uncle Kamil takes more than his half of the food they share.
(d) Uncle Kamil doesn't pay his share of the rent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kirsha blame himself for his wife's behavior?

2. What does Abbas say that falling in love has done for him?

3. How does Kirsha defend his lustful conduct?

4. How does Hussain Kirsha convince Abbas to go to work for the British?

5. How is Radwan Hussainy regarded by pious men like himself?

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