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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Umm Hamida object to Salim Alwan's desire to marry Hamida?
(a) Umm Hamida and Hamida are not of Salim Alwan's class.
(b) Hamida is too difficult and contrary.
(c) Salim Alwan is too old.
(d) Citizens of the alley will object.

2. Why does Umm Hamida consult Radwan Hussainy about Salim Alwan's offer?
(a) Radwan Hussainy is paid for his advice.
(b) Their family has no other man to consult.
(c) Their family always relies on his advice.
(d) Radwan Hussainy is a relative.

3. How does Radwan Hussainy advise Mrs. Kirsha to deal with her husband's weakness?
(a) Radway Hussainy advises Mrs. Kirsha to keep her husband's weakness secret.
(b) Radwan Hussainy advises Mrs. Kirsha to seek divorce.
(c) Radwan Hussainy advises Mrs. Kirsha to teach her husband.
(d) Radwan Hussainy advises Mrs. Kirsha to pray.

4. What does Mrs. Afify suspect is causing Umm Hamida to delay in finding her a husband?
(a) Umm Hamida is distracted by Hamida's engagement.
(b) Umm Hamida is taking the best man for herself.
(c) Umm Hamida wants more money than they agreed upon.
(d) Umm Hamida can't find a suitable man.

5. What trick does Abbas play on Uncle Kamil?
(a) Abbas convinces Uncle Kamil that he has bought him a nice shroud.
(b) Abbas convinces Uncle Kamil that he will live much longer.
(c) Abbas convinces Uncle Kamil that he will pay for his burial.
(d) Abbas convinces Uncle Kamil that he will never die.

6. What does Salim Alwan's company sell?
(a) Coffee.
(b) Produce.
(c) Perfumes.
(d) Rugs.

7. What does Salim Alwan's lunch do for him?
(a) It is an aphrodisiac.
(b) It gives him unusual energy for work.
(c) It helps him to nap.
(d) It makes him cheerful.

8. How does Sanker disrespect the old poet?
(a) He closes the door in his face.
(b) He ignores his order for coffee.
(c) He calls him names.
(d) He demands that he leave the restaurant.

9. What does Salim Alwan eat for lunch each day?
(a) Rice and meat.
(b) Sprouted alfalfa with vegetables.
(c) Potatoes and vegetables.
(d) Vegetables, potatoes, and a bowl of green wheat with pigeon meat and nutmeg.

10. What effect has personal sorrow had on Radwan Hussainy?
(a) It has made him loving and patient.
(b) It has made him cruel and unforgiving.
(c) It has made him pessimistic and fearful.
(d) It has made him sorrowful and despairing.

11. Why do people in the alley avoid Zaita?
(a) His unfriendly attitude.
(b) His offensive odor.
(c) His offensive profession.
(d) His thieving nature.

12. Why is Kirsha poor?
(a) Kirsha's money goes to support Hussain Kirsha's lifestyle.
(b) Kirsha squanders his money.
(c) Kirsha's cafe does not make a profit.
(d) Mrs. Kirsha takes all his money.

13. What keeps Hamida from encouraging Salim Alwan?
(a) He's not handsome enough for her.
(b) He's too old for her.
(c) He's not rich enough for her.
(d) He's a married man and a father.

14. Was is Radwan Hussainy an unusual landlord?
(a) He ignored a military edict to raise rent.
(b) He raises the rent only once a year.
(c) He lets his tenants live rent-free.
(d) He raises the rent only once every five years.

15. How does Salim Alwan deal with his family?
(a) He is kind and generous.
(b) He is distant and uninvolved.
(c) He is cruel and demanding.
(d) He is critical and demeaning.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hussain Kirsha feel about his father's erotic adventures?

2. Why is Uncle Kamil unafraid of dying?

3. What does Salim Alwan want from Hamida?

4. Why does Hamida envy Jewish girls?

5. Where does Sheik Darwish live?

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