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Midaq Alley - Most of the characters in this story live and work here.

Kirsha's Café - Most of the characters in this story congregate here at night.

British Army - These hated occupiers remain after independence to oversee Egyptian affairs.

Hashish - This substance is allowed by the Qur'an, but is against the secular law.

Mosque of Hussain - This holy place is where beggars congregate.

Mecca and Medina - One resident of Midaq Alley fulfills his lifelong dream to make a pilgrimage to these holy places to seek forgiveness and blessing for all.

Sharif Pasha Street - This place has running water, electricity, and entryways wider than all of Midaq Alley.

Tell el-Kabir - This place is the location of the British army base, where two young men in the story find employment.

Vita's Bar - This place in the Jewish quarter is where...

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