Midaq Alley Fun Activities

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Homecoming letter

After Hamida is attacked by Abbas and Abbas is killed, she wants to revisit Umm Hamida. Imagine that you are Hamida and write a letter to your foster mother explaining what has happened and why you want to come home.

Creative Writing

Based on what you know of the character of Hussain Kirsha, write an episode from his future life.

Author Interview

Select a classmate who is well-versed on Mahfouz' work to do research about him and prepare to be interviewed as Mahfouz. Other class members are to prepare questions they would like to ask the author. Remember not to ask anything the surrogate author could not possibly know.

Drawing the Alley

Draw the alley with the buildings in relation to each other as they are described in the story.


Draw arabesques as they might be used in the wall decorations described in the story...

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