Midaq Alley Character Descriptions

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Abbas Hilu - This character falls hopelessly in love and dies for it.

Hamída - This character is willing to do anything for beautiful clothes and jewelry.

Kirsha - This character squanders time and money on narcotics and homosexual adventures.

Saniya Afify - This character makes many improvements after hiring the marriage broker to find a suitable spouse.

Salim Alwan - This character's personality changes after a near-fatal heart attack.

Dr. Booshy - This character is a self-taught dentist.

Sheikh Darwish - This character occasionally wakes up to speak and spell in English.

Ibrahim Faraj - This character is a pimp skilled in luring girls to become prostitutes.

Ibrahim Farhat - This politician asks a holy man for a blessing on the candidacy, but gets a curse instead.

Radwan Hussainy - This person fulfills a lifelong dream by making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Jaada and...

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