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Chapters 1-5

• Kirsha ousts the old poet from his cafe.

• Radwan Hussainy gives him money and comfort.

• The radio has replaced live recitations.

• Sheikh Darwish says that in English this means "history."

• Abbas plays a joke on gullible Uncle Kamil, telling him he has purchased a shroud for his burial.

• Sheika Darwish wanders into the night, homeless and unafraid.

• Mrs. Afify decides to hire a marriage broker, Umm Hamida.

• Umm Hamida contracts to find a husband for Mrs. Afify in exchange for free rent for the rest of her life.

• Hamida looks out at the alley from her window and observes Salim Alwan watching her.

• Uncle Kamil tries to convince Abbas to give him his shroud so he can sell it now.

• Husniya beats her husband with her slipper.

• While getting a haircut from Abbas, Hussain Kirsha brags of his successful career.

• Hussain Kirsha tries to convince Abbas...

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