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Thomas Schelling
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7: Hockey Helmets, Daylight Saving, and Other Binary Choices.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Schelling say parents are most concerned with in the case of vaccination?
(a) How often the vaccination services are available.
(b) Who else is vaccinating their children.
(c) The benefits of the vaccine.
(d) The consequences of not being vaccinated.

2. What does Schelling say individual behaviors have in economic analysis?
(a) Statistical insignificance.
(b) Statistical predictability.
(c) Mathematical equality.
(d) Randomness.

3. What does Schelling say about the number of genetic variations that can take place when a man and a woman have a baby?
(a) The number is limited by the parents' genes.
(b) The number is limited by the parents' environment.
(c) The number is vast.
(d) The number is limited by the parents' social class.

4. What term does Garrett Hardin use to describe people who infringe on others by following their own desires intently?
(a) Lemons.
(b) Critical mass.
(c) Commons.
(d) Self-fulfilling prophecy.

5. Why can the Golden Gate Bridge charge a double toll for traffic in one direction without fear of being unfair?
(a) Because the traffic reverses direction at the end of every day.
(b) Because people coming south have more money than people in the city.
(c) Because tolls are designed to repair social inequality.
(d) Because even one-way drivers will return one day.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Schelling say are continuous variables?

2. What example does Schelling use as an example of discrimination?

3. What is an example of a prediction which Schelling says closed system modeling cannot make?

4. What does Schelling say might be a demographic consequence of parents choosing their children's traits?

5. How does Schelling say the Russian's space program affected America's space program?

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