Mick Harte Was Here Short Essay - Answer Key

Barbara Park
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1. How does Phoebe initially introduce her brother to the reader?

Phoebe initially introduces Mick to the reader by saying he has already died. She wants the reader to know about him, but says she won't tell a story where the reader gets attached to Mick and then learns he is dead. She wants to make that clear from the beginning.

2. How does Mick die?

Mick dies in a bike accident. His tire hits a rock and he loses control of his bike where he hits the back of a truck and dies. It is suggested this happened because he wasn't wearing a helmet.

3. Why does Mick love being considered a "surprise"?

Mick's birth was a surprise to his parents and he loves this because he thinks it means he can outsmart and trick people. Mick believes that everything he does is a surprise of sorts.

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