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Barbara Park
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Common Sense and Good Judgment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Phoebe say she hates in "Tap Dancing on God's Piano"?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her friends.
(c) Her tears.
(d) Her family of three.

2. Who says "The Serengeti sucks"?
(a) Phoebe's mother.
(b) Phoebe.
(c) Phoebe's father.
(d) Zoe.

3. In "Treasures", why doesn't Phoebe have much to say to Zoe?
(a) She doesn't want to think about school.
(b) She just wants to be alone.
(c) She hasn't spoken to Zoe in weeks.
(d) She doesn't feel like gossiping.

4. Why does Phoebe touch her mother's hair in "Getting a Grip"?
(a) Because it is messy.
(b) Because she asks Phoebe to fix it.
(c) Because it has turned gray.
(d) Because it looks soft.

5. What grade does Phoebe say Mick was in when they completed their first big "caper"?
(a) Third grade.
(b) First grade.
(c) Kindergarten.
(d) Second grade.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Phoebe feel when she first hears her father cry after Mick's death?

2. What type of hat does Phoebe remember her great-grandmother wearing during her funeral?

3. How does Phoebe get home in "Sirens"?

4. How does Phoebe feel about the pirate tattoo in "Mick"?

5. Why does Phoebe talk at Mick's memorial service?

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