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Barbara Park
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dogs Can Laugh in Heaven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Phoebe become angry with her friends at lunch in "Dogs Can Laugh in Heaven"?
(a) Because they won't talk about Mick.
(b) Because they sit somewhere else.
(c) Because they don't look at her.
(d) Because they keep telling stories about Mick.

2. What does Phoebe say she thought of funeral arrangements before her brother's death?
(a) That they took up a lot of time.
(b) That someone else made them.
(c) That the church took care of it all.
(d) That the funeral home took care of it all.

3. How does Phoebe summarize her grandmothers' ideas about Mick's death?
(a) As an accident.
(b) As a plan.
(c) As a blessing.
(d) As a test.

4. In "Dogs Can Laugh at Heaven", what does Phoebe remember her mother doing to Mick on a family vacation?
(a) Dancing with him on the side of the road.
(b) Forgetting him at a rest stop.
(c) Making him wait in the car.
(d) Letting him drive the car.

5. Where does Phoebe sleep at the end of "Tap Dancing on God's Piano"?
(a) In Zoe's bed.
(b) On her couch.
(c) On her floor.
(d) In her bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Phoebe think she dreamed about Mrs. Berryhill?

2. What does Phoebe call the boy who refers to her brother as "the dead kid"?

3. Why does Zoe believe that Mick is everywhere?

4. What does Phoebe say happens when she walks into her classroom in "Dogs Can Laugh in Heaven"?

5. What does Nana serve for dinner in "Dogs Can Laugh at Heaven"?

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