Objects & Places from Mick Harte Was Here

Barbara Park
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Cereal Box

This is what Mick and Phoebe argue about the day of Mick's accident.

Skull-and-crossbones Pirate Tattoo

Mick offers this to his father on the day of his accident.

Letters F-A-R-T

This is what Phoebe says her first "caper" with her brother consisted of.

Christening Gown

Mick is embarrassed by this garment worn for a religious ceremony.

A Black T-shirt with a Motorcycle on the Front

This is what Mick decides to wear to church as a child.

Red Cowboy Hat

This is what Mick dressed Wocket up in.

His Treasures

These help Phoebe focus on good memories of Mick.

Unopened Cigar

Mick names this "Helen".

Mobile Field Unit (MFU)

This is a fly swatter.

A Flower

This is what Phoebe sees when she firsts visits the site of Mick's accident.

Bicycle Safety Assembly

Phoebe is asked to be part of this.

Bicycle Helmet

This is what...

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